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Thread: New Slave One?

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    Question New Slave One?

    I heard that it's going to have three, how big is it going to be? If it seats three people, it has to be bigger than the current one.
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    If you do a side by side comparison of the POTF2 Slave 1 and Ep2 Slave 1, you can see that they are two completely different molds. However, I haven't seen any pictures of the new Slave 1 with a figure next to it for scale; thus figuring out it's size is nearly impossible at this point. If it really can hold three figures then it should be slightly bigger than the old version.
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    Either way I am looking forward to it. Boba Fett is my fav, and so is the Slave I. I actually like what we have seen of the new Slave I because it looks newer and has brighter colors.
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