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    Quote Originally Posted by rust
    NOOOO! Reissue the Geonosis wave more... Send at least 6 cases of it to every store... Send entire cases of Scorches and Utapau clones... STOP RELEASING WAVES TO DAMN FAST!
    *Hasn't opened a figure in 4 Months*
    I'm with you bro!!!
    Wanted; loose or sealed
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    I found the Firespeeder Pilot and Lushros dofine this afternoon at Target.

    They also had some of the Titainium Figures including the variant Vader, looks like Target hit pretty good this morning.

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    i still havent found a single fig from wave 3 yet, oh well.

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    I ust recieved wave 4 and the new VOTC yesterday in the mail from my freind in Califormia. He gave me Wave 4 for about $5.00 a figures and the VOTC for $8.00 a figure. A great deal for me. I will get pics up as soon as I can for proof.

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    California is definitely the place to be this week. I found the Coruscant wave this morning at 2 different Targets. Keep you eyes peeled out there!!!

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    Midwest (Wisconsin) in da hiz house.....

    Midwest (Wisconsin) in da hiz house.....

    evidence that the wave has hit.....Target....looks nice..
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