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Thread: Short Packing

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    Hmmmm, an interesting issue.

    It seems that Hasbro does this at the end of every line. They produce less figures to make room for the new stuff.

    However, let's look at the difference between "Short Packing" and under producing. Because to me they are not QUITE the same thing.

    Short packing is when Hasbro puts out, say, 3 new figures and packs the case with 8 of one, 7 of another, and 1 of the other! This makes no sense. Collectors went NUTS when they did this in the past, FF, POTF2, EP1, etc. Even POTJ suffered from this at first.

    However, MOST of the POTJ line was evenly packed. If Hasbro puts out 4 new figs they pack 3 of each. If they crank out 3 new figs they pack 4 of each, 2 new figs 6 of each, etc.

    I like to think that they did this because collectors were SCREAMING, Wiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?!

    Whereas under producing, is when they simply do not make many of a certain wave.

    This is actually the worst of the two. Because with low production you don't just miss out on one or two figures. You miss out on the whole wave!!! Which could be anywhere from 2-4 figures.

    Hasbro, we BEG you STOP the INSANITY!
    May the force be with you.

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    I agree sith_killer_99. This is the main reason my collection is incomplete. Look at the stuff that I'm missing.

    EU Leia Organa Solo, EU Clone Emperor, EU Thrawn, POF2 R2-D2 w/holo Leia, POTF2 Wampa w/Luke Beast pack, POTF2 Han w/TaunTaun Beastpack, POTF2 Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene, POTF2 Mynock Hunt Cinema Scene, EP I Darth Sidious Holograph, EP I Pit Droid 2-pack, EP I Sio Bibble, EP I Swimming Jar-Jar, EP I Queen Amidala Battle Ascension Gun, and POTJ Masters of the Darkside 2-pack Vader vs. Maul.

    If you'll notice most of this stuff had a limited release and a short run. That only makes me have to pay quite a bit more at a specialty/scapler shop in order to get waht I want. Also it doesn't help that the area that I am in always gets stuff way later than the rest of the country. I just found Amanaman today and he has been out for two months. No FX-7 wave here yet. Hasbro, shouldn't I be able to get the stuff I want. The answer is yes, so keep on producing enough for everyone and bring on the FX-7 wave and the Teebo wave.
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    I know is really ****es me off when that happens! But i have given up. When I can't find a new fig or ship, I just go online to buy it. It saves a lot of time and gas.

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    I had to leave the states back in August, but prior to then, I thought Hasbro was doing a pretty good job with the POTJ line. Although they were showing up in small quantities, when I found them, I could usually get all 3 or 4 figs in the assotment. At least this was true up to the Duros wave.

    From reading this thread, it seems that this situation has deteriorated since then. Is this true? I have not purchased any figures since August (when I was completely caught up from the vintage line through Duros) and had planned on doing a lot of shopping in April when I come back. I figured that since everyone else had these figs, they would be easy to find at reasonable prices.

    If I am wrong, I should probably start buying online before these things get outrageous. Which figures are the hardest to get since the Duros wave?

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    After the Duros wave there was a wave that included a new Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot, Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath, and Han Solo Death Star Escape. These were easy to come by and were clearanced down to $1.54 at Target. After that wave was a small wave that included Shmi Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Training Gear. This wave can be found easily as well. After that wave was the FX-7 wave. So far the FX-7 wave has been a problem for most people. It contains FX-7, Queen Amidala Black Travel Gown, Rebel Trooper, and Imperial Officer. Also Eeth Koth and Zutton were added in a later shipment. The next and presumably last POTJ wave is supposed to be released in March, but I assume, if we're lucky, that it will hit stores in late February. That wave includes Teebo, BoShek, and R4-M9. And that should catch you up. Also there were four deluxe figures released. Luke Skywalker in Bacta Tank and Darth Maul w/ Sith Attack Droid in on wave, then Princess Leia w/ Desert Sail Barge Cannon and Amanaman w/ Salacious Crumb in another. Plus there are the 3 25th Anniversary 2-packs Han and Chewbacca, Luke and Leia, and Darth Vader and Obi-Wan. And if you collect the vehicles B-Wing Fighter (Target Excl.) and TIE Interceptor (Toys R Us Excl.) have been released. There are three more vehicles scheduled for release before the Episode II stuff hits, TIE Bomber w/Pilot (Wal-Mart Excl.), Hoth Peril Snowspeeder w/ Luke and Dak (Wal-Mart Excl.), and AT-ST w/ Speederbike and Paploo (Toys R Us Excl.). The hardest of the vehicles to get, in my opinion, is going to be the TIE Bomber because it has never been made before. Fan Club exclusive Cabon Freezing Chamber w/ Bespin Guard.

    Whew, I hope this is everything. I didn't include the 12" figures so if you need to know those, then I'll find that out.
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    Wow, thanks for the run down. I pretty much know what has been released and what is scheduled to be released, I just didn't know which were the toughest to get.

    Sounds like the FX-7 wave is the one to be concerned about. But, didn't that just begin release relatively recently? Sometimes it takes about 6-8 weeks before they actually start to appear on the pegs on a large scale. At least that's my experience from my local WM.

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    I think the POTJ situation has been fairly consistent since the beginning. I've never had trouble finding any of the figures even if I had to wait a few extra weeks before they showed up. The only thing I had trouble finding was the "clean" Biker Scout. I found some, but I only saw them that one time when I bought three. Other than that, everything that has come out, I have seen in multiple locations over extended periods of time. Including the New Fx-7 wave.

    Now that Skiff and Y-Wing is another matter. And the TIE interceptor. This exclusive situation has to go.

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    Man, where do you live? In these boonie towns of fewer than 20,000 people I think a person is pretty much "done for". Wal Mart has pretty much killed off all the competion.

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    Angry Short packed figs

    One thing I just started doing to get around the short packs is ordering a whole case of figs thru Previews magazine, which can be found at comic shops. I was/am planning on ordering a whole case of 12" bounty hunters when they come out.
    I had been in a KB and they opened a case of the Deluxe figs, and there were only 2 different figs in there!
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    I already posted a reply to this, but it is so irritating, I thought I'd post another response, just to keep the thread alive. Remember about two years ago, when there were about a billion CommTech Greedos, Lukes and Hans, but not a single R2 to be found? Also how one of the best figures Hasbro ever made, the Comm Stormtrooper, was impossible to find, even though people wanted duplicates of the fig? Imagine if you will, that we could have waved a magic wand and turned all of those Greedos, Lukes and Hans into Stormtroopers. The shelves would have undoubtedly been bare, and Hasbro would have laughed all the way to the bank. I guess what I'm saying is, WAKE UP GUYS! You're killing the most successful merchandising licence in history!


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