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    Luke and Vader ESB Minis!

    Yeah! Luke and Vader Empire Strikes Back Minis announced.

    Unfortunately, I didn't drop the cash on a collectors society membership this year, so I don't have all the info, but I heard that this will be available:

    Collectors Society On Sale:
    March 14 , 2006
    (9:00 am Pacific Time)
    General Public On Sale Date:
    March 16 , 2006
    (9:00 am Pacific Time)
    Shipping April 2006

    Anyone have any pics or info? I am DYING to see these. I wish I had this year's CS membership.

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    Does anyone know if the Luke ESB is supposed to be the same saber as the Luke ANH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxu3x
    Does anyone know if the Luke ESB is supposed to be the same saber as the Luke ANH?
    It's similar, but the grip vanes are different, the buttons are slightly different. Instead of the calculator bubble, there's a circuitboard piece in the control box, etc.

    The Vader ESB vs ANH is also about the same amount of difference. grip and control box differences.

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    Awesome! I was hoping they'd do Vader ESB, I just got into the minis last month and this was one of the ones I really wanted them to do, along with the Obi-Wan TPM saber. Now if they'd do that TPM saber and make the full Maul saber available again, I'll be one happy camper.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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