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    Need CODY &/or Firespeeder Clone

    I will trade for any one of the figures below for one Cody and/or firespeeder figure:

    Loose 501st (from Kmart JTA set)
    Loose Yellow Clone Commander (evolutions set)
    Tarkin (not mint carded)- willing to combine with other)
    Saga At-At Driver
    Saga '06 Fett (with Flames behind him)
    TRU Holo Emperor (with slight corner bend)
    Dannik Jerriko
    Feltipern Trevagg
    ROTS Red Guard
    Black Clone Pilot
    Loose VOTC Stormtrooper

    I would trade for one Cody AND Firespeeder combo any one of the following:

    Utapau Shadow Trooper
    Covert Ops Clone Trooper
    Target Exclusive Clone
    VOTC Fett (MOC)

    I have been on the boards for many years, so feel confident in trading with me - no one has any issues with my trades, as I am fast and an excellent communicator (ok, climbing down from my soapbox now!)
    Real men buy Willrow

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    I also have Anakin: UGH with Silver Fett
    Real men buy Willrow

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    I sent a pm. i have a couple of trades on your want list.


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