I got this for xmas, I wasn't expecting much from it but it really worked for me, I loved it. The art for Al Gore was dodgy and the Scammer Aliens looked too much like nude Zoidberg :shudder: but it pretty much worked well without feeling like a cameo-fest. I picked up on the BIG TWIST way early and was surprisingly moved by some of the stuff we weren't supposed to get until the end of the episode. The DVD extras are a mixed bag, some really good, but some like the deleted scenes are a joke. Overall, a high recommend for any fan.

BTW, hearing the SDCC panel and knowing I could have been there for it but had to do other stuff broke my heart.

No date on the 2nd movie, Beast with a Billion Backs, but I'm betting sometime near the spring (these are being produced on roughly a TV schedule, they're produced as 4 episodes each).