I really liked story 1 despite feeling like we had already gone there with the opening to one of the DVD movies.

I LOVED story 2, that was among my favorite Futurama things of all time, they nailed the 8-bit video gamer thing to a T.

I didn't dig story 3 all that much, the art wasn't "there", they literally stole the Voltron theme, and the story itself was just soft. I did laugh at the mismatched locations gag, and there was some funny stuff in there (the professor's voice) and they nailed the translated cartoons of the '70s and '80s when they went for the jokes, but they didn't always go for those jokes here, they went for cheaper laughs at times.

All in all though, I enjoyed it, and had the anime story not finished the episode, I probably would have enjoyed the whole experience more.