I watched Futurama and Friends Saturday Morning Fun Pit again, holy crap that's a great episode. The Smurfs/Rainbow Brite/Strawberry Shortcake ripoff was solid funny, but the cutaways to the commercials were way authentic and hilarious. The GI Joe one was the weakest as a cartoon, but with Nixon editing I was howling.

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Kind of hard to miss when it was plastered on nearly every Power Ranger message board and Saban's official Power Ranger facebook page. Supposedly Robby the Robot is somewhere in there as well.
Just for reference (and to satisfy a certain someone's love of lists ) here are all the robots that have been reported to be in the chop shop.

  • Junked Alpha Unit, most likely Alpha 5 (Power Rangers)
  • Junked "Good Robot" Bill (Bill & Ted)
  • Junked "Good Robot" Ted (Bill & Ted)
  • Severed Cyclon head (Battlestar Galactica)
  • Severed Iron Giant head (The Iron Giant)
  • Severed Gigantor head (Gigantor)
  • Junked Dalek (Dr. Who)
  • Junked Rosie the Robot (The Jetsons)
  • Junked Protocol Droid, most likely C-3PO (Star Wars)
  • Junked Mouse Droid (Star Wars)
  • Junked ED-209 (Robocop)
  • Junked Sergeant Bash (Robot Wars)
  • Severed Robby the Robot arm (Forbidden Planet & many, many other sci-fi movies/shows of the 1950s/1960s & beyond)

If you can find any more robots by all means add to the list.
Nice list! I can't add to it anymore as I returned the DVR it was on for a newer model.

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Well, the salvage ship was named "Flotsam and Jetson," too.

Lists... LISTS :drool:
Ah yes, that's what the other Jetsons reference was.