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    Um- about this Luke Evolution D Topps Thing...

    ...doesn't it seem ODD to you that this offer is RIPE for fraud?

    I mean I don't even know what's going on and I could, conceivably, print out that form and send away for this "special" card without ever having bought a pack of Topps cards!

    Doesn't this seem silly to anyone else? That they don't require proof that you even HAVE an autograph card?

    Let me know...

    In the meantime, I have a form to fill out

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    They do want you to describe the card and pack and damage, so that will limit the fraud to just those really interested in getting something for nothing, and I'm sure if everybody copies everybody else's they'll get wise.
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    I didn't buy any boxes but I sent in for mine. Two, in fact, since my friend who actually DID buy 2 boxes won't do this in a timely fashion. So I'm sending in his stead and I'm keeping one of the two for myself.

    Besides, the card won't be worth anything since so many people are going to send in for it. And it costs pennies compared to what it WOULD cost for Topps to actually correct the quality issue.

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    Good point on both fronts. I do feel bad for those collector's who got damaged autographs though. A supposedly "limited" card is a small consolation prize to those who have damaged authentic autograph cards, ya know?

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    Indeed. My friend pulled the Hayden and it was damaged as are many of them...but it was still a GREAT pull, I would have been delighted!
    And he was, too.


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