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    Question Ultra Titaniums ?

    Does anyone know how many will be released this year? Or if there is a list of future releases? I know of Slave-1, Snowspeeder, Vaders TIE, AT-AT, MIllennium Falcon, but just those? Then I read somewhere in this forum that Jango's Slave-1 will be released. Just wondering?

    Has anyone else noticed that on Hasbros Titanium websight, that they have a Ultra Jedi Starfighter listed? However the photo is or the 3" AT-AT. Just do a search for Ultra Titaniums and you'll see.
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    Can you post a link to the Ultra Jedi Starfighter, or maybe just to the page it is on. I tried to search, but it searches all of Hasbro and nothing usefull comes up, unless you are searching in a different way than I am searching.

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    Ok, there's the link but the "Ultra JSF" is no longer listed. has also seen the same. Check his site. Thats were I first seen it. Although his site is in French, it may be difficult to read. But the headline in plain enough. It's the first listing under his "NEWS" link.
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    I'm sure they'll make an ultra ROTS JSF- I mean why wouldn't they?

    They made an AF AT-TE...I hope they make one in the Ultra Series- how much would it rock sitting next to an Ultra AT-AT?


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    Why wouldn't they make the AOTC one when they already had the mold? Because they're nuts, that's why!
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    I'm afraid I agree...*SIGH*

    I wonder how much is involved in re-tooling a mold made for plastic so it can handle metal? It can't be that easy since the Snowspeeder is a new mold...though I wonder if the Slave 1 is (I don't have my old Slave 1 to compare with anymore ) I know the X-Wing was the same but the Republic Gunship was changed slightly I guess (no doors?)

    Still, I do hope they go there with the AT-TE.

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    Three words:



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    Entertainment Earth had Jango's Slave 1 listed in the assorments coming within the next few months, but they recently changed to include Fett's Slave 1 instead. As far as the JSF goes, I remeber reading an unofficial list of titaniums/ultra titaniums a while back that had it listed, although it didn't specify which verions it's most likley ROTS (only because Hasbro knows the AOTC version is better and they hate me.)

    I'll try to find that list again.
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    In the very last Ultra Slave Ones shipped you will find inside the box a little flyer that lists the Ultra Jedi Starfighter as an upcoming item. But it isn't said wich one it will be.
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    Cool, did they list any other ships?
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