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    I have recently discovered the perfect pizza-type snack

    Thay are called Tony's Pizza Twists. They are eggroll wrappers filled with pizza sauce and toppings. I can't wait for football season, now!

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    My favorite pizza-type snack is found at taco-town. They take a hard shelled crunchy taco, smother with nacho cheese and a special southwestern sauce, wrap it up in a soft-shell with a layer of refried beans in the middle. Then they wrap it up in a special tortilla shell, and top it off with their guacomole sauce. After that, they wrap it up with a corn husk and cover it with pico de galla sauce. And if that's not enough they take a Chicago deep dished pizza and . . . . . . okay I guess its more than a taco snack then it is a pizza snack.
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    Slicker's mom is like a pizza, or so I hear.

    What? I heard she was Italian!
    That's my jacket!

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    Jack's Pizza Bursts are the best in the business, even though I don't eat this genre of food anymore.

    Totino's Pizza Rolls are terrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    Slicker's mom is like a pizza, or so I hear.

    Thats only because of her acne
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    I say yuck to everything (except Slick's mom from what I've been told ). If you want a "pizza like treat" then make yourself and da## pizza!

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    I don't think it's possible to top a panzerotti from Tony's Pizza in London, Ontario. They take a big ol' pizza, throw WAY too much extra cheese on it, fold it in half and deep fry it. SO tasty - but definitely a stroke waiting to happen.

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    Deep fried pizza? Damn that sounds good as all get out.

    Almost as good as Chux's mom. I don't eat vegetables but with her I'll be a vagetarian anyday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker
    Deep fried pizza? Damn that sounds good as all get out.
    I think they did that on SNL.


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