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    Who's watching Doctor Who?

    Quick post because the new episode starts in about 10 minutes for me, but is anyone else watching and what do you think?

    I was a big fan of the show back in the days of Tom Baker reruns here in America, and though I've only caught a few new episodes here and there since (plus that TV film thing), I've always been a fan.

    So far, after having seen the first two episodes (this is Doctor #9 here on Sci-Fi) I think the show is good. Seems like typical Doctor Who.

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    Doctor who? I didn't catch his name.

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    You of all people should know "Who" I'm talking about Mr. Glitter.

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    Gary Glitter?

    <-------That's Phil Spector.

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    My bad... I confuse that photo with this photo all the time.

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    I've seen some of the Christopher ccleston Dr. but i don't like him. he's too false. manic. over acts. though billy Piper puts in a good turn as his assistant. if you're only just getting the Chris E. dr. episodes I won't spoil it for you but I will say I think the writer, (who wrote the UK original of Queer as folk which was turned into your longer running show which isn't as good IMHO), isn't that good. He gets in all the right elements but the episodes lack the tension of older Dr. Who incarnations. he also writes in some horribly mawkish moments. but it's good clean fun I suppose. And does have better effects at least. it's cool to see some of the older bad guys turn up as well as having some new ones.
    I'm still having trouble getting used to the new T.A.R.D.I.S. interior though. It's funky, well designed but after all those years of the pokey white version, it seems odd that suddenly there's a huge cathedral like interior. And yes I know the T.A.R.D.I.S. is always malfunctioning so anything is possible.
    just to let you know the tenth doctor is much better. more in keeping with the werdness of previous doctors. Mmmm and Captain Jack is getting his own spin off show. Torchwood it's called.

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    I attended a DR. Who convention many years back. I used to try to stay up late to watch the show on PBS, but they would play it late Sunday night, and I would almost always fall asleep. I loved the idea, and got to meet my favorite Doctor, Jon Pertwee at the Con, he entered a door right behind me, I turned around and shook his hand. I got a beautiful poster from the Tardis 21 convention with all the actors signatures on it. I wish I had kept it in better shape during my many moves.
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    Slicker resembles T.A.R.D.I.S . . . well, the first 4 letters anyway.

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    I watched the first 3 eps yesterday, they were ok enough, silly but some actual sci-fi thought put into them, and The Doctor isn't some perfect hero character like so many US sci fi shows would have him be. I found out last night something I really didn't want to know though about something that happens down the line, normally it wouldn't be an issue but... it is.
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    ooooh i'm curious now JT.

    I'm liking the new Dr. Who ction figures. 5" tall. They aint the best but there's been some truly hideous merch for the show in the past and this is top notch compared to the older stuff. there's even a radio controlled five inch dalek. Fab!


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