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    Who's watching Doctor Who?

    Quick post because the new episode starts in about 10 minutes for me, but is anyone else watching and what do you think?

    I was a big fan of the show back in the days of Tom Baker reruns here in America, and though I've only caught a few new episodes here and there since (plus that TV film thing), I've always been a fan.

    So far, after having seen the first two episodes (this is Doctor #9 here on Sci-Fi) I think the show is good. Seems like typical Doctor Who.

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    Doctor who? I didn't catch his name.

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    You of all people should know "Who" I'm talking about Mr. Glitter.

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    Gary Glitter?

    <-------That's Phil Spector.

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    My bad... I confuse that photo with this photo all the time.

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    I've seen some of the Christopher ccleston Dr. but i don't like him. he's too false. manic. over acts. though billy Piper puts in a good turn as his assistant. if you're only just getting the Chris E. dr. episodes I won't spoil it for you but I will say I think the writer, (who wrote the UK original of Queer as folk which was turned into your longer running show which isn't as good IMHO), isn't that good. He gets in all the right elements but the episodes lack the tension of older Dr. Who incarnations. he also writes in some horribly mawkish moments. but it's good clean fun I suppose. And does have better effects at least. it's cool to see some of the older bad guys turn up as well as having some new ones.
    I'm still having trouble getting used to the new T.A.R.D.I.S. interior though. It's funky, well designed but after all those years of the pokey white version, it seems odd that suddenly there's a huge cathedral like interior. And yes I know the T.A.R.D.I.S. is always malfunctioning so anything is possible.
    just to let you know the tenth doctor is much better. more in keeping with the werdness of previous doctors. Mmmm and Captain Jack is getting his own spin off show. Torchwood it's called.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99 View Post
    Has anyone else caught the latest episodes. They did a 1/2 season and just finished the Christmas Special. Amy and Rory are gone and the new character looks very promising.
    I missed some but was able to watch or DVR when they had a marathon for the mid season finale. I finally watched the last Amy/Rory episode last week. I almost forgot about the Christmas episode, but was home in time to catch the repeat.

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    I've been keeping up with the show, but not enjoying it much. Rory and Amy making a decision to have a normal life and get away from the Doctor only to change their minds at the last moment is whatever, but then a single episode later to have them trapped forever locked away from the Doctor was awful manipulation.

    The Christmas special was entertaining on a simple TV level I guess, but I found it quite shallow and cheap so it left a bitter taste after watching. Not a single character actually did anything for any reason based on who they were, everybody was a shell of an idea. The Doctor just sits around on a cloud and glumly walks around Victorian England, why? That's a thing you maybe do for a short bit on a whim, not a way a person lives. Clara is a barmaid and a governess, why? What drove her to that? What drives her to chase the Doctor from the first? Who knows, she's a plot device rather than a character, she acts and reacts based not on a personality but on scripted actions. Vastra and Jenny are interracial lesbians who are also the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes and Watson, yet how? What do we see that actually makes them in any way believable as this, and why are they here, why are they doing this? Who knows. And Doctor Simeon is just a lonely child that makes outerspace snow into a mad villain with no real actions and no real purpose, aside from being a bummed out kid, what is driving him? Nothing, just another hollow character in a hollow episode. But at least he's defeated THROUGH A FAMILY'S TEARS... WTF?!? And then there's the ending that sets the Doctor off looking for this character throughout time, but I can at least chalk that up to the stated weirdness.

    The TARDIS' new interior look felt small, cramped, unattractive and cheap with the upper portion rendered apparently in CGI. Lots of railings to keep people from going anywhere but the tiny middle, why? I liked the worn look of the exterior though, even if it did change considerably from first scene to second (that might have been a conscious choice but a statement as such would have been nice). And the look of the evil snowmen was laughably cheap. Plus, Moffat needs to stop trying to be so damned cute cramming the phrase "doctor who?" in now, it's lame and diminishes the show every time, like a wink to the audience. Don't turn this into the '80s Doctor.

    The new theme was ok in that it contained a lot of pieces from past themes. The visuals that went with it were cheeseball, the face of The Doctor was a cute nod to the old school titles with just some Doctor's face the whole time, but most everything else looked like an expensively-rendered cheap expression of "scifi!", and it ending on the TARDIS doors opening was the worst of it.

    So all in all, this felt like a frustratingly shallow Christmas special, packed a lot of quirky characters into one place and didn't really give them much of a personality or a thing to do, like a child's toys being smashed together in a fight. More Moffat Doctor Who that's all flash and no substance.
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    I agree they need to ease up on the "Doctor Who?" thing a bit, it's being over done, but I suspect the "That's a dangerous question" comment they are ramping up for the big storyline. "On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh hour, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked"

    We know the question is "Doctor Who".

    SO I expect they are gearing up for that.
    May the force be with you.

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    This Christmas special makes for only the second Doctor Who episode I've ever watched, with the first being 2010's Christmas special. I was a little lost during the 2010 special with the jumping between the two on the crashing ship, constant distractions and 'oh why not' random flying sharks. This year's seemed cool with the snowman thing and in general sounded as though it would be a decent standalone episode since I saw frequent mention it wouldn't have him with a companion.

    So... I'm glad it's apparently not just me not being a fan for the reason this was very disappointing. JT, you put it so succinctly - all I kept asking was "WHY?" And I tried to just chalk it up to my not being familiar with Who past very basic details, but it got to a point where it felt very much a problem of not just being oblivious to Who's long history but from an actual production standpoint. I was expecting a much richer, and involved, and clever story from the way people praise Doctor Who.

    But, the snowmen were a terrible disappointment and the ice lady just left me scratching my head. The snow was an alien parasite or whatever, and they weren't supposed to get their grubby... flakes... on the ice lady, but the ice lady was scattered in pieces around the courtyard for a good length of time? With the snowmen? "The Intelligence" never came off as any worthwhile threat, although the ice lady was very neat at first - until she was foiled by a window sill. I kept expecting her to T-1000 after the big fall so it was surprising that they stayed away from doing that. Although, it pretty much implies that the biggest threat of the episode could have been dealt with had they just pushed her down the stairs. Or off the roof.

    Lizard lady & wife were interesting, until lizard lady finally pulls her cool sword out to jump into action and was promptly knocked out of the fight. Very disappointing.

    There was an aspect I enjoyed through the episode, buuut apparently I was very much mistaken. Turns out it's Ian McKellen who voiced "The Intelligence," but during the episode I thought it was Patrick Stewart. I swear it sounded like Stewart. So I got a kick out of it when the Doctor described the snow as a "crystalline organism."
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