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The modern day part bothers me more than the location. Although the location is also going to need some serious explaining.
Yeah, the modern day part feels very much like a sore thumb.

They'd better have Jack's ship i the new show. losing that would be a waste.
I thought the ship was blown up in his second episode. Still, it'd be a waste to lose that set.

Though I do think it's a shame there'll be no crossover between Who and Torchwood. I think I'd sooner have had Torchwood be a pre-watershed show that could tie in and crossover. The Torchwood organisation sounds a hell of a lot more exciting than U.N.I.T.
Yeah, they really should do a little crossover action, makes sense really. "Torchwood" is also an anagram of "Doctor Who", which is why the name was used. Doesn't sound very sci-fi though, reminds me of one of those teen dramas.

Changing tack - A point I thought of is if the TARDIS is a bit broken as we know it is with the chameleon circuit stuck so the outside always looks like a 1950's police telephone box, and the thing keeps ending up in odd places because the time travel mechanisms are a bit broken and unreliable too, how can the doctor keep finding his way back to the exact same estate Rose lives on? And in the same time era. That's a little incongruous. Yeah I know, I'm nitpicking. But repeated viewing does that to you.
I think we're supposed to take that the TARDIS is getting them to the right place by psychic means, reading what the Doctor wants and how much he wants it. Or maybe now that there's just the 1 time lord, there's also probably just the 1 TARDIS left and without those other TARDISes flying around space and dimensions, it has less trouble navigating the universe.

Like Clive from season one episode one, why introduce him as a guy obsessed with the doctor and gatherer of all that data on the doctor only to then have him killed off in the second half of the episode? And if in fact he wasn't killed, because we don't see him after the Auton aims the gun and fires, why has Rose not thought to go back to him for more info about the Doctor? Considering how mysterious the doc's being with her about his past. Clive is the one character besides Rose who really knows anything about the Doctor. Just seems odd to have gone to all the trouble of creating Clive and that whole mass of data in the shed at the bottom of the garden, then deliberately have him there to be killed by the Auton outside the department store. what was all that about? Unless that data Clive collated is going to be used against the Doctor at some future point.
This is just a guess, but I think Clive was meant not to be a major plotpoint, but to represent the obsessive Dr Who fans, and this new series shrugging off any anchors from them which would otherwise weigh them down. It did seem like an odd thing to dump though, could have used it again and again throughout, maybe even having him bother Rose and her circle, or the Doctor and Rose travel to the 22nd century and find that his legacy has built up into a far more vast conspiracy cult.

In the old show one of the returning foes was The Master. Who always managed to evade the Doctor when it came to being aprehended. I don't remember now if The Master was ever dealt with finally.
The Master was dealt with in the TV-movie here in the US aired on Fox back in '96, he was sucked into the Eye of Harmony that was in the TARDIS while trying to steal the Doctor's remaining lives for himself. And thus died Eric Robert's career... er, I mean "The Master".

Damn, with a little research I look like a real Dr Who fan! I did actually watch the Fox TV movie though back when it aired.