Wow! Toshiko and Owen! noooooo. that device Toshiko puts together is seriously cool.
Go Gwen.
Jack's a wuss. Never stops blubbing.
Iantho is finally coming out of his shell. really like how he's been on the slow burner and gradually come to the fore.
Rhys drives a Ford Capri! cool man.
PC Andy should get more time. he makes me chuckle.
That blowfish alien is fantastic. love the way the head fin moves.
The view over Cardiff when that thing starts happening all over is really nice. very movie-esque.
Cpt. John, god he looks old. and so thin. just skin and bone. that's not a healthy look.

I thought the finale was patchy but the good bits more than made up for the padding. when he's not snarling and shouting Burn Gorman is actually a fine actor. I hated Owen to begin with but I've warmed to him. the geek episode 'Adam' I thought he was lovely in. managed to be geeky without too many cliched touches.

oh well back to DW. there are now two preview clips of Silence in the library floating around. plus the mid season trailer. It was officially announced that Russel T Davies is stepping down as executive producer and is being replaced by Stephen Moffat who wrote Blink from season three. From the sound of things there will be some changes made to the show. I think RTD is onboard through til the xmas 2009 special then Moffat takes the reigns properly with season five.
RTD has written a book about his time on Dr. Who where apparently he discusses how it came to be that the show was brought back and the struggles they had bringing it to the screen. sounds like a RTD ego stroke to me but it might be worth a read.