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    I didn't like it. I hated morrisey but then again i've never rated him as an actor. he's so two dimensional. The story was fairly limp and dragged on far too long. Plus, the final few minutes with the big ******* didn't count for anything as it was all resolved with yet another of RTD's pathetic cop outs. So despite looking like a costume drama and having the usual bright coloured lighting and uninspiring out of place badly played music by murray Gold, it was a flat cringemaking amateurish affair. it ranks up there with Fear her and The Shakespeare code in the bad episodes table.
    I have to agree with your evaluation, I was sorely disappointed.

    Matt Smith
    He's a weird looking blighter.
    He's certainly a strange looking kid
    Most of the Doctors are strange looking guys.

    I am getting a bit frustrated at how often they keep burning though Doctors.

    The new guy is a bit young, but that's not uncommon, I seems to remember Peter Davison was only 4 years older than this new guy when he took the reigns.

    Personally, I wish Christopher Eccleston were still playing the Doctor, or at least wish he would have stayed on a few more seasons. I think it would have played better if he had stayed until the Rose issue had been resolved. The human Doctor/clone should have been Eccleston, IMO.

    I wonder if we will see the Doctors daughter make a return, and how that will play with the new incarnation of the Doctor.

    Then there is the issue of the female scientist in the library episode who claimed she knew him and that he looked so young. It sort of implied that he would be around, in his current form for quite some time. Grrr, stuff like this frustrates me.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to the new season!
    May the force be with you.

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    BTW, for all those interested in older Dr. Who episodes, now has a lot of older stuff on their "watch instantly" list. All you need is a good internet connection, and a subscription.
    May the force be with you.

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    well now. the door isn't closed for Tennant as there's also the half human clone he could come back as.
    I mean they said the void rift was closed for good once before but they went back there and brought rose mickey and jackie through, so theres really no reason why the clone doctor can't find a way back. such is the power of sci-fi mcguffin that dr. Who survives on.

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    I would honestly hate if they brought back the half human clone of Tennant. The whole parallel universe thing needs to stop and I think thats what RD did when he wrapped up the last season. Everyone walked away from the doctor to continue their lives.
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    it's an interesting thought though that any of the old doctors could feasibly come back for specials provided they haven't aged too much or physically changed much. peter davidson aside. eccleston or tennant could feasibly film specials that would slot in between past seasons. There's talk of a who movie being possible as long as it didn't interfere with the show itself so what better way to do it than with a previous doctor.

    I'm not into the idea of the alternate universe doctor either. However there's a fair bit mentioned in the show about encounters and adventures the doctor has had that we don't see. they could take any of those ideas as a starting point. with a huge budget on a movie they could even do the time war. McGann and Eccleston. Timelords and Daleks. big effects and grand sets. two hours to spread the story across.

    If McGann was up for it Eccleston would only have to do a brief appearance at the end seeing as he doesn't want to be associated with the role too much. And I'll bet McGann could use the work.

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    Plus, a new movie could spawn a s**tload of new figures.

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    I would love to see the story of the Doctor and Martha from Blink. The bit in which he runs into Sally Sparrow and gets the transcripts from her. That could be a good special
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    they did a short story that filled those gaps on the official bbc site. it wasn't very good. More like a classic star trek story than doctor who. there again it was aimed at kids.

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    I'd like to see them do a special with the newer Doctors #9+ from the "new" series, most of the older Doctor's couldn't pull it off, it's been 10 years or better, even for McGann.

    I'd like to see them do a story like they did for "The Five Doctors", where they get plucked from their times and ended up in the "Death Zone on Gallifrey" or something similar, but the confrontation and antagonist need to be huge!

    If Eccleston isn't interested in doing it, I would lose a lot of interest, he really is my favorite Doctor of the new millenium.
    May the force be with you.

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    I agree on the Eccleston point, my favorite of the new breed too.

    I don't see Nick Nolte in that face at all, maybe the thin lips but even there the mouth is different. That guy is odd looking.

    I had a hard time reading the last 2 pages, I'm still unfortunately spoiler-free on The Next Doctor xmas special.
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