I must have missed that line then. I still have it DVRed so eventually I will watch it again.

Now, as to the real business. The End of Time.

Part 1 was ok, I enjoyed the lighter tone aspects, but once we got into the regular business, it got a tad mixed. The Master is a little too much of a gimmicky badguy. I like Donna's grandpa as a companion. The end result felt really standard Doctor Who, and then we got the Time Lords and it was "wow!" for that moment.

Part 2, I don't know how to feel. I appreciate that they kept it somewhat light until the end without feeling too trivial, then did the ol' switcheroo over and over and over. The final endgame for the main players was interesting, but never felt like it fully paid off on the dynamics between these folks, although I did love hearing finally what went down in the Time War with the Doctor. And I think that was the Doctor's mother, that was interesting. I loved the intensity of the Doctor's final sacrifice, even if it was painfully cliched, that was played beautifully despite being a total gimmick and cheap. And if Wilf had felt that way, he could have hit a button to lock out the Doctor. But still. I think the one thing that rubbed me as "too damned far" was the Doctor's last line, it was delivered with such earnest portrayal that I hated it, not fair at all to the audience to play them that way. The new guy is so young and goofy, but hopefully it'll work.