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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Slanted Powers View Post
    Looks like the season premiere is on Saturday.
    That's the good news for the week. The "meh" news is that Torchwood is coming back, but will be shown on Starz (which I don't subscribe to). And of course the bad news is that Elizabeth Sladen died yesterday.

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    I love Torchwood, but I'm obviously in the same boat as you in that I don't get Starz. So-- phooey!

    I'm very excited about the new series of Doctor Who. The last one was a bit disappointing after the RTD series, but still good. I was shocked that Mr. Moffat didn't deliver the way I had hoped he would based on the stories he'd written for the RTD incarnation. It looks like he's turned that around for the upcoming one.

    And yes, as I posted in the R.I.P. thread... so sad about Elisabeth Sladen.
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    I DVR'd the premier special last night (not the premier episode, just a sneak peek). Looking forward to the new series.

    I was happy with the last series, it worked well I thought, maybe not the best stuff ever, but it certainly did not disappoint.

    I like Amy Pond, but Rory really makes it work IMO. I also like where they are going with the River Song character/story, lots of potential there.
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    I rarely watch those specials 'cos they tend to give up information that I don't want to know. Like, for example, last season, I was sad that I saw River Song and the Weeping Angels. I would've preferred to have been surprised by their return. So... yeah.

    I'm glad it looks promising, though!

    I agree with you about adding Rory to the dynamic. The whole thing works better as a trio and they haven't done that in ages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    I agree with you about adding Rory to the dynamic. The whole thing works better as a trio and they haven't done that in ages.
    Exactly, they didn't do enough with Mickey IMO, there was some potential there. No one else really came close to creating that trio. Rory and Amy tend to compliment each other well, she's capricious and he's more reserved, sort of like the voice of reason.
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    I've been watching the early episodes from the 60's that are being shown on a Tacoma PBS station, and they had three companions from the beginning - Barbara, Ian, and Susan. For some reason, they haven't shown any of the Dalek episodes, and it seems that Susan left during the Dalek Invasion of Earth. Vicki joined during the following two part serial. Currently they are on the season two serial "The Web Planet".

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    Quote Originally Posted by morpheus282 View Post
    Awesome! Thanks for the link!
    May the force be with you.

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    Wow, great episode. Maybe I'm a bit biased since I have been starved of new Dr. Who for so long, but I rather enjoyed this one. I can't wait for the next episode.

    I like the way they are developing the River Song character.
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    The first ten minutes were whiskey tango foxtrot, but in a good way. The baddie in these episodes was FREAKY!!!!! I love it when Moffat goes all creepy like that.

    Can't wait until the next part!!
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