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    Thanks for the links, that was much naughtier than I expected from Doctor Who.

    As for Saturday's episode, the series premiere, I think it was a bit too nasty, something ugly about the way they did it, but they also had some stuff that worked really well, so I'm conflicted. I did like River's explanation of what the worst day of her life will be, that was quite a good piece of emotional context for The Library. I have a theory as to whom the astronaut at the beginning is, and why, but if they don't pay off this episode in the next one, it'll take a very long time for them to confirm it, and I don't like the idea of another series-long sub-story without resolving the last one.
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    Yeah, I have one or two theories about the Astronaut.

    Also, I think this will be the season of River Song, who will likely be the main story arc. It fits with the way they seem to be doing things.

    We had the season of "Bad Wolf" which turned out to be Rose. We had the Season of Donna. Then of course last season, which was the season of Amy Pond. So I suspect it's River's turn. We've been left hanging on her story for some time now, ever since "Silence in the Library" and they have dropped a lot of hints about her throughout, so it seems like it's her time now.

    BTW, I loved the way she ran around behind the Doctor fixing his work on the TARDIS.

    I wasn't sure I liked her at first, but she's really growing on me.
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    I loved River from the moment she made her second appearance on the series. I thought she was interesting and intriguing during her first appearance, but she became a much more developed character with her "Hello, sweeties" and her defacing of the rock cliff to get the Doctor's attention.

    Someone proposed an interesting theory that River Song is Amy and Rory's daughter despite her claim of being from the 51st Century. Another theory is that she is Madame de Pompadour as the machines that came to get her in the episode in which she was featured came from the 51st century; that Mme de Pompadour is, unbeknownst to the Doctor, a Timelord. Any takers?
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    Well, I'll bite, considering Reinette did read his mind and pretty much says she knows his name "more than just a secret".

    Also, "The Girl In The Fireplace" was the only episode of 2006 written by Steven Moffat, who also wrote "The Impossible Astronaut".

    Hmmm, possible. The disconnect would be River's line to the Doctor in "Silence in the Library" where she says "You're so young". Unless I misinterpreted the line.

    On a side note, am I the only one who caught what appears to be a new piece of cannon for Dr. Who (as if that were really possible after all these years). The Doctor says he is 1,100 years old in the beginning, then he is 900 years old later, yet he did not age a day. I don't think it has ever been established that his body does not age. Certainly he had a childhood and aged "normally" in his first incarnation. So what's the deal there? Do Time Lords only age normally during their initial incarnation, then they are "stuck" so to speak when they regenerate? Most perplexing.
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    Actually, there was a retconning of his age at some point during, I think, the last series of the classic Doctor Who, which was weird. Someone else pointed that out.

    As for the "you're so young" comment, River says she keeps meeting the Doctor in "the wrong order". Is she older in the library episode than she is when she meets him as his 11th incarnation? Did she remember him when she was younger and was she surprised that she met him again when she was older and he seemingly hadn't aged? I like the "Fireplace" theory the best...
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    Well, I went back and watched "Silence in the Library" and what she actually said was, she "could see it in his eyes" in ref. to him being younger.

    However, yes River was older in SITL it was, from her perspective, the last time they would see each other. He had no memory of her at all, and in the end she "sacrificed" herself. Remember, he "saved" her to the library core so she could live on.

    I also went back and re-watched "The Girl in the Fireplace" and I do not believe River Song is Reinette. It is an interesting theory though.
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    I really don't think the fireplace has anything to do with River. It's more likely there's something to the Amy preggers theory, but I doubt that too. I think River has a rather long story left to tell before we learn all her secrets.

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    Again... just theories. It's all fun speculation until the answer is revealed.
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    Speculation is all fine and well, I'm just trying to figure out how they're going to handle the results of the beach scene at the beginning of The Impossible Astronaut. To me, he possibilities opened by that scene far outweigh the questions of who River really is. Besides, I rather like her past/future being a mystery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    Again... just theories. It's all fun speculation until the answer is revealed.
    True, plus I totally enjoyed going back and watching older episodes while attempting to see if the pieces fit together.

    I also went back and watched "The Impossible Planet" and followed up with "The Satan Pit". Mostly because I forgot them and wasn't sure if the title was a tie in or not.

    So, after re-watching 5 older episodes of Dr. Who last night my appetite for new episodes has been somewhat quenched, though I am still very much looking forward to this weeks episode.
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