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    Another AMAZING episode of Doctor Who!

    The opening was even more confusing than last weeks episode. Lots of twists and turns and an even bigger surprise ending than last week!
    May the force be with you.

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    Very good episode. Lots of interesting stuff, good laugh from Canton's response to Nixon near the end, lots of questions remaining unanswered, and the final scene is a huge WTF moment.

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    Watched the Doctor Who "Confidentials" and they say a lot of stuff will be answered this season including River Song.

    As for the ending, it looks to me like Jenny is back.

    The Silence will be the new big bad for Doctor Who, it seems.
    May the force be with you.

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    I think I'd prefer to have more little tidbits about River revealed than a complete answer. Not knowing her history with The Doctor just seems to add to their interaction.

    I don't think it's Jenny. I'd almost say it's either The Rani or Amy's child, with the probabliity leaning toward the second.

    From what I've heard so far there's going to be a lot in this season that makes stuff in the last season make sense. Time to go back and watch the last season again.

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    Does anyone else get the feeling that we'll be seeing Canton again?

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    Yep, I suspect Canton will be back for a few cameos.

    Mark Sheppard is one busy guy showing up in all these popular shows, BSG, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Chuck, Warehouse 13, Burn Notice, 24...I see he also did some of those CSI/JAG/NCIS shows.

    He seems to be a reoccuring character in many of the shows he does.
    May the force be with you.

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    Tremendous episode!!! So... if it's Amy's child, is it the Doctor's child or did the fetus absorb time energy from the TARDIS and become a Timelord?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    Tremendous episode!!! So... if it's Amy's child, is it the Doctor's child or did the fetus absorb time energy from the TARDIS and become a Timelord?
    Maybe the baby is born with a time head.
    May the force be with you.

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    Watching "The Eleventh Hour" again, the Doctor runs up to the duck pond in Amy's hometown and says "What is that? Why aren't there any ducks?" followed by a pain in his chest and "Now this is too soon. I'm not ready, I'm not done yet." I'm guessing that this has sinificance to the opening events of "The Impossible Astronaut".

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    Ok, I'm in need of serious psychiatric help. I went back and watched The Eleventh Hour yet again, this time on Netflix instead of BBC America. I thought something was missing and I was right. The show has a 1:04 run time on Netflix, they cut somewhere close to 20 minutes out of it. The version I recorded on BBC America left out the whole bit of Prisoner Zero saying "Silence will fall" and a ton of other little (and not so little) bits. Based on that, I wonder what we've missed from the three episodes this season?


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