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Ok, I'm in need of serious psychiatric help. I went back and watched The Eleventh Hour yet again, this time on Netflix instead of BBC America. I thought something was missing and I was right. The show has a 1:04 run time on Netflix, they cut somewhere close to 20 minutes out of it. The version I recorded on BBC America left out the whole bit of Prisoner Zero saying "Silence will fall" and a ton of other little (and not so little) bits. Based on that, I wonder what we've missed from the three episodes this season?
I haven't missed anything, though that is because my wife downloads the episodes broadcast on BBC, not BBC America. "The Eleventh Hour" was indeed a longer episode. The others were standard 40-45 minute run time. So you should be good.

BTW, I went back and re-watched "The Eleventh Hour" after you mentioned it, and indeed Prisoner Zero mentions several things that seem to make sense now, Padorica will open, silence will fall, etc.