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    I watched "An Adventure in Time and Space" last night. Getting ready to watch "The Day of the Doctor".
    May the force be with you.

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    Just finished watching it and enjoyed it. I didn't watch "An Adventure in Time and Space", but I did record it, so I do plan on watching it sometime soon.

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    No one was watching fifty years and one day ago.
    That's my jacket!

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    I finally caught "An Adventure in Time and Space" on a rerun. I thought it was pretty good. I was shocked to learn that William Hartnell was in his 50's when he was Dr. Who. I always thought he was much older that. It was too bad his health was failing him and wouldn't let him continue to be the star.

    The actor that they got to play William Hartnell looked almost exactly like him. I was thinking it would be kind of neat to make some "new" episodes in a vintage style with him as the star. Probably not going to happen.

    Chuxter, I don't know if you saw the show, but they do mention that. They ended up rerunning the first episode so people would actually watch.

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    I finally watched An Adventure in Time and Space Saturday night. I enjoyed it. I never knew that Verity Lambert was a woman. People sure smoked a lot, too.

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    I was a bit underwhelmed by the 50th anniversary special. It seemed to me to be just a decent episode guest starring David Tennant, showing why he was a superior Doctor to Matt Smith, who isn't bad, but isn't Tennant. I hoped in vain that the show might at least feature a glimpse of Peter Cushing who played the Doctor in a couple of 60s films, but he isn't really counted as a Doctor for some odd reason. The highlight of the event, by far, was Tom Baker's cameo at the end as the Curator. His lines were issued with a crisp delivery that brought nostalgic tears to my eyes. He was the Doctor I had first seen on PBS as a child, when I thought that Dr. Who was an extremely weird show that I was often frightened by.

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    Well, last night I watched the Christmas Special "The Time of the Doctor" which is Matt Smith's final episode, I also watched the farewell tribute to Matt Smith.

    It was okay, standard Moffat fare, so the writing wasn't the greatest.


    So it seems the Doctor has gotten a reset for his regenerations and we will get another dozen or so Doctors, Smith commented about the count which he worked out to be as follows:

    1. William Hartnell
    regeneration #1
    2. Patrick Troughton
    regeneration #2
    3. Jon Pertwee
    regeneration #3
    4. Tom Baker
    regeneration #4
    5. Peter Davison
    regeneration #5
    6. Colin Baker
    regeneration #6
    7. Sylvester McCoy
    regeneration #7
    8. Paul McGann
    regeneration #8
    9. John Hurt (The "War Doctor")
    regeneration #9
    10. Christopher Eccleston (aka the Ninth Doctor)
    regeneration #10
    11. David Tennant (aka the Tenth Doctor)
    regenertation #11
    12. David Tennant (aka the Tenth Doctor)
    regeneration #12
    13. Matt Smith (aka the Eleventh Doctor)

    That's 12 regenerations.

    So now the question remains, what is the count of his new regeneration cycles?

    By my count it would be...

    2.1. Matt Smith
    regeneration #1
    2.2. Peter Capaldi

    Who knows? Who nose?

    Also, by my count the Doctor is now somewhere between 1,800 and 2,000 years old. He started the episode at about 1,200 then we fast forward 300 years putting him at 1,500 then we fast forward again, but they never say his age, or how long he'd been there. However, based of his advanced years I'd estimate at least another 300 years, possibly much more, as high as maybe 500 years.

    The aging thing really seemed a bit odd. We are supposed to believe that Matt Smith goes from 900-1,200 and looks the same, but from 1,200-1,500 he gets old?!?!

    In any event, I am looking forward to Peter Capaldi playing the Doctor, I only wish we could get Russel T. Davies back at the helm.
    May the force be with you.

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    Been watching alot of classic Doctor Who lately. Amazon had a sale on dvds awhile back so I bought The Tenth Planet, Tomb of the Cybermen, Lost in time, and Genesis of the Daleks. Its been a long time since I watched Genesis of the Daleks and I'd forgotten how good that one was. Lost in time had some interesting tidbits and fragments of episodes, Moonbase being the best of them.


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