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    Any tips for posing / standing figures. Where can I get those darned plastic discs with the pegs on?

    Any suggestions welcome!
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    The Star Wars fanclub site has the stands you are looking for. Go to and then click on marketplace. They have a link to buy them. They're called "action stands".
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    Brilliant - thank you very much!!
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    These guys sell action stands for Vintage,POTF2,etc..Plus,they sell blisters and cases to hold carded figs too :happy:
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    Or you could also go to, the Ultarama displays are cool.
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    Sorry guys, great info but this thread is just to general to be housed in the AOTC section. I have left a link there so those who are accustomed to finding it in that section can find it still, but it has nothing to do specificly with the upcoming EII figure line.
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    InsaneJediGirl has a good tip here. I use the same stands and have been happy with them. Good price and a good bit cheaper when you buy in bulk.
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