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    Unhappy no saga in west virginia

    nothen more worse than a collector who cant collect. i live in parkersburg west virginia, where there is two wal-marts, two k-marts, and one toys r us. and yet neither one of them have any of the new saga figuers yet.
    can anyone help me i dont want to have to go online and pay stupid high prices... is there hope for me

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    I would say there is hope, I would be willing to help you out with picking up some extra figures when I can find them but with the shipping it's going to be almost ten a figure unless I can get several at once to send. A thought is check out Entertainment Earth, you can order the waves by the case for about $79 for a case of 12, comes out to like $8 a figure, then the ones you don't want like doubles etc you can sell to perhaps a comic/collectible store or put them on ebay.Also it might be a way to get some of the UGH figures cheap.
    I am actually thinking of doing that myself, ordering them by the case.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Dont give up hope just yet. I live in the midwest. Had'nt seen any new figs for over a month. Today I hit my local target and wally world. Found a grievous and clone at target which I bought. Wal mart had the entire coruscant wave except for cody. Also present were 4 ugh figs and 7 (yes 7) clones. Figures are shipping just gotta have patience.

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    Isn't this being discussed in your thread here?
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    I dont live in W. Va but do hith the Bluefiled K-Mart and Princeton WM and have found Saga at both stores. Dont know how far you are from them, but they are there. I havent ventured into the Bluefield WM though, dont go that far in.
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