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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    If you somehow don't know yet, SirSteve has acquired ownership of SSG and the forums are now open again. There have been a few changes:
    • the Rancor Pit section is now password-protected, only those who choose to use the password to enter will see thread titles in their New Posts section.
    And there are a few more new changes in store soon.
    How is it then that I can still see the thread title when I few all the forums???

    Any chance of a [img] being added to embed the images in the post??
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    Not the full images. Thumbnails are displayed currently. It keeps everything balanced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by force_brix
    I miss the old black & purple website design. I wonder if SirSteve will bring that style back??
    How very brave of you to rebel against your eyeballs. Welcome aboard, by the way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dar' Argol
    How is it then that I can still see the thread title when I few all the forums???
    Do you mean "forum title"? Because that is still public-view, just not any of the threads inside. The thread titles themselves shouldn't be showing up if you haven't entered the section, I tested it with a sample account and it worked, check to see if you have the password cookied in.
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    Thanks for the name changes guys, much appreciated.

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    Ah it's good to be home.

    I DO want to sincerely thank JT for setting up the SWC boards. I actually DO miss that place and had a lot of fun there. Ah well, I guess we'll always have Paris, no not Hilton, though some of you would like to have her...

    Anyway, thanks JT!

    And thanks to Tycho for getting th ball rolling with the MySpace group. I never got the chance to post there before SWC started, but I was able to view the posts so I still felt somewhat in the loop.

    I just hope that the comaraderie that those of us experienced on SWC will continue here.

    It was great to NOT seeing any b!tch!n and moaning or flame wars, etc.

    I had a good lot of deals with people there and hope to continue them here.

    Congrats Steve on regaining full ownership. Hopefully it never leaves them again.

    I would have been here sooner but I was spying all weekend on Kidhuman and Slicker's mom... That Flornbi can really shnazzle a woman...

    Okay, enough of my nonsense...heh heh.

    Glad to be back!
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    A huge congrats to steve for sticking with it and fighting for what you believe in and a huge thanks to JT for, and for keeping all of us together!

    I'm glad I can put SSG back to my home page too, it was weird having something different, never seemed right!

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    Yeah, it's great to be back. Can I tell you guys how much I hate RS!

    JT, you did a awesome job with and if it did continue it still would had been a cool place to post.

    Now that you have full control Steve can we all look forward to give aways/ contests? I think Brian's Toys should donate a few items for the contests. We also need to get SSG up to speed on News. I can't remember one time when SSG posted some awesome news 1st. Make SSG a one stop collecting site.
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    Thanks again everyone for the support.

    Yes, Turbo... we will have some giveways coming and as you stated, I have to get caught up. I have a lot of work ahead of me...

    Not to mention a few surprises coming soon!
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    Right on Steve, no hurry or anything.
    [FONT=Tahoma]I was born at night, but not last night.[/FONT]
    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
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