If you somehow don't know yet, SirSteve has acquired ownership of SSG and the forums are now open again. There have been a few changes:
  • the max allowed avatar size is up to 100x100 from 75x75.
  • some forums sections have been streamlined or compressed into other sections.
  • for a limited time, users can request their username changes in this thread.
  • image attachments have a larger physical size limit.
  • the Rancor Pit section is now password-protected, only those who choose to use the password to enter will see thread titles in their New Posts section.
And there are a few more new changes in store soon.

Also, most of you are set to view only the last month's worth of threads, so keep in mind that it's been a month and a half since any of us last visited the site, those threads won't show up until you set your view to 2 months ago or higher.