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    SSG Forums Reopen!

    If you somehow don't know yet, SirSteve has acquired ownership of SSG and the forums are now open again. There have been a few changes:
    • the max allowed avatar size is up to 100x100 from 75x75.
    • some forums sections have been streamlined or compressed into other sections.
    • for a limited time, users can request their username changes in this thread.
    • image attachments have a larger physical size limit.
    • the Rancor Pit section is now password-protected, only those who choose to use the password to enter will see thread titles in their New Posts section.
    And there are a few more new changes in store soon.

    Also, most of you are set to view only the last month's worth of threads, so keep in mind that it's been a month and a half since any of us last visited the site, those threads won't show up until you set your view to 2 months ago or higher.
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    wow... it's so quiet...
    Nachos are the right of all sentient beings.

    The guns... They've stopped!
    - Dan Akroyd, Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

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    back in the saddle again!
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Darn I'm tired from lugging my collection back and fourth between homes. I think my seat has been remodeled though, someone painted it pink.

    Good to be back home!
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    Good to be back. Though a bit sad I missed the reopening because of seeing HIM in concert (it was okay).
    Back and more bearded than ever before

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    [*]the Rancor Pit section is now password-protected, only those who choose to use the password to enter will see thread titles in their New Posts section.
    Awesome, thanks. . :dancing banana:
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    I edited my avitar to reflect the recovering addict I am.

    I'm gosh-darn proud of myself, too.

    It sucks the Rancor Pit is password protected because I won't be able to offend as many people all at once. Heck, I may be the only one who will post in that section if I want to engage in the civil war.

    But darn it. I'm back and the Dark Side is with me. Let the hate flow through me!
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    Sorry I didn't do a welcome back post but I've been extremely busy trying to get SSG back together again so I just turned on the forums as I know you wanted to get back in here...

    A lot of you may be wondering what happened to “SirSteve” and over the past month and a half… ACTION Online and (SSG) went our separate ways. Both of us had a good run of about 7 years but it's time for a change. I am now 100% in control of SSG. The separation was amicable and I wish them the best of luck.

    The past is the past and I want to look towards the future. The future of Star Wars and SSG… as most know, we are gearing up for a number of things in the Star Wars Universe: 3D movies, Animated TV Series and Live Action TV Series. There will be a lot for us to collect in the near future and SSG is going back to its roots. We want to provide the Star Wars Community the latest and greatest Star Wars news available. There will also be some changes made. Some immediate, some will take a little time. A redesign, new systems (such as the news system now in place), new staff members will join us and a few surprises are all lined up. So please excuse us for a little while during this transition phase but it will be worth it!

    Last but not least... I would like thank everyone for their support during the time I was gone. There are too many to list but you know who you are.

    Also... don't forget to update your avatars and signatures for those that have "" in them.
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JON9000
    back in the saddle again!
    peeling off my boots and chaps, I'm saddle sore.
    4 bits gets you time in the racks, I scream for more.

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    congrats to SirSteve for gaining full control of his site!

    thanks again to JT for getting us set up on swcollecting while things got sorted out

    looks like i'll have to get to work on my post count over here...


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