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    Thumbs down "SW Unleashed" Didn't you learn from Epic Force's failures?

    The title of this thread says it all for me, I cannot believe you (Hasbro) are going to waste more Star Wars shelf space with your retailers on bunk like this. Look at how badly Epic Force bombed... TWICE! This is Epic Force but without even the one point of articulation those had - not a smart move. Don't waste more plastic on a line destined to tank, make these super-limited and save your energy for the figures.

    By the way, I'm really disappointed in you - Hasbro - in this whole "overposed" issue, this line is just the final extension of a problem that is driving folks like me away from Star Wars figures - overposed figures instead of better articulation.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    You can count me in on this one, too!

    I never bought the Epic Force line either. I thought the pieces were nice for larger figures, but if I want larger figures I will just go for the 12" line.

    I've pretty much taken all my shots at the "Unloved" line... oh, "Unleashed" line... sorry. My bad. I really have no need for such useless petroleum product. I really have no use for most of the upcoming lines, which is sad since I have been an avid collector since 1978!!! So here's me collecting for almost 25 years and Hasbro goes and pulls this bone-headed manoeuver. Over posed figures that have nothing in common with the progression of the entire series up to this point. I can do without all of the hyperactive poses. I suppose if they absolutely HAD to pose this figures in such bizarre stances, at least they could have bothered to alter the leg poses. They all either seem to be stepping to the left or to the right. Borrrrrrrring...! You get enough of these things in a row with their legs going in the same direction... it's either going to look like they are engaging in battle on a slope or they are doing the Macarena, which- by the way, Hasbro... no one likes anymore either.
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    Unhappy Why....?

    I have an Epic Force DarthVader,which I obtained for 2 dollars because they sat on the shelf forever at TRU.I know
    that these "Unleashed" statues/figures/pieces o crud will bomb
    just like the Epic Force line.Now,why didnt Hasbro learn their
    lesson with the Epic Force line?!!Are they(Hasbro)
    too idiotic to realize people do not want this stuff?
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    Because some idiot who still works for Hasbro, and likes those dumb things said :

    "Those Epic Force figures were such a great idea, they were so cool! We're going to a line of them for Episode II and they're going to be neat!"

    *yawn* Anyway, I agree with JediTricks on the whole overposed figure topic. It's got to stop. It's getting to damn annoying seeing figures with so much potential come out and just stand there.
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    I don't think they look too bad. I won't buy them, though. They won't sell at all, and I'll be able to pick them up for 1/4 of the original price a year or so from now.
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    I'll be able to pick them up for 1/4 of the original price a year or so from now.
    But why would you want to?

    They cancel the Tick, Hasbro is off in gaga land to joing GL, the Bears lost, no more cartoons on any channel except for Cartoon Network, but they took all the good anime off, what is the world coming to?
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    My brother likes these things; but it's no surprise since he is studying sculpture in college. He sees them as pieces of art, and I think that may be what's behind some of Hasbro's thinking. However, kids don't want to pretend to be little museum curators they want to pretend to be bounty hunters and starpilots and Jedi and such.

    I just hope my brother doesn't buy me one of these for my birthday, which is the day after Ep2's premiere. I'd hate to try to pretend to like it.
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    Right on Bigbarada! I'll have to pass on these. I'm assuming these will be plastic rather than some kinda resin. Oh who cares, I'm not getting them anyway.
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    Well, I guess I'm the only one who kinda likes the idea of these mini statues.

    I snagged a few of the Epic Force figs and they are proudly displayed on my computer desk.

    I mainly picked them up because they were cheap and because they have nice detail. Plus they display better than the 4 inch stuff.

    I only bought 5:
    Darth Vader
    Darth Maul
    Boba Fett

    As for the new "Unleashed" line, well???

    Personally, I think that if Hasbro is going to do this they should make the detail as good or better than the McFarlane Statues.

    If they REALLY wanted to grab collectors with a 6-7 inch line they should do the following:

    1. Super-articulate! These things should have as much or close to as much articulation as the Spider-man figs (30+ points WOW!).

    2. Super-detailed! To include cloth capes and removable accessories. Lightsabers with removable blades, and clips to hook on belts. Vader should have a 3 piece removable helmet and removable hand.

    3. Precise scale figures. Vader should tower over Leia, etc.

    4. Cool base, like the Spider-man series. Huh, notice a trend here?

    Anyway, I will probably buy a couple of the better looking statues when they go on clearance.

    But this line is NOT intended for children.
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    If you don't like,don't buy simple Personally I don't like them so I'm going to buy them,my money will go to other uses
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