Does anyone else watch this? I think it's the first thing I've watched regularly on CBS in . . . perhaps ever.

It's generally pretty funny, and most of the characters graduated from high school the year after I did, so the references are always dated for my consumption. Of course I mostly bring the show up because of the fact that they will have a Star Wars reference every couple of shows. It's slightly unfortunate, though, that the first episode I watched was the "Slutty Pumpkin" episode and none has been as funny as that episode. Well, an episode involving Winnie from Wonder Years and a pineapple came close.

As far as consistent laughs go, Neil Patrick Harris (yep--Doogie) makes me laugh the most often with his over the top women's man, love of Laser Tag and battle cry of "Suit up!" Of course I wouldn't be me without mentioning that Cobie Smulders is good reason to watch this show regardless of its content otherwise.