I haven't commented in a while on the show, not from lack of enjoyment but from a very tight schedule in which I was barely able to find time to watch the show let alone comment on it.

The latest episode had me cracking up quite a bit. While I was upset that a 501st Clone Trooper was described as a Storm Trooper, I'm willing to allow that Alyson Hannigan made the mistake and not the writers, since they tend to reference Star Wars heavily and should know better. Barney's apartment was great, especially the bed. I was hoping, though, when he was trying to get the girl to leave he would point out that he has a full-sized Star Wars costume. And though I saw the second wall-sized television coming, it still made me snicker. I'm glad they never tell us what Barney does for a living.

The Marshall subplot was kind of goofy, but Ted and Robin's reactions were good for laughs.