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I couldn't agree with you more. I thought the writers did such a good job implementing the mother (albeit underused) into the show throughout this season, that I "fell in love" with her. She was a perfect fit for both the cast, the group, and for Ted. I came away from the finale feeling terrible for her as a character, a person, and as an actress. The only thing I can say in defense of the writers is, the finale has been staring us right in the face for nine seasons. Either we didn't see it, or we didn't want to, but it was there.

Secondly, I honestly have a hard time believing that the group would fall apart like that. However, giving the fact that Lily and Marshall lived in in Italy for a year, it is plausible. They were the glue that held the group together.
What part was staring us in the face, the death or going back to Robin? If it's the former, I called that last year. If it's the latter, I cannot see where that groundwork was laid at all, in fact I'd say the last 5 years pretty much wrote that off.

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To continue what a few of you have said there is a TON of ground covered in the finale, yes it was twice the length of any other episode in the shows history BUT if you take that into consideration there is TON covered. 2030 Ted is a guy who tells a story with mind numbing detail but then he says a bit, jumps ahead a few years, says a few things, jumps ahead etc. That was not how the first 206ish episodes were told. Hell it took 23? episodes to talk about the two days leading up to the wedding.
I didn't like how the show force-fed us the post-meeting story so haphazardly, but I guess I get why since it's really an epilogue. The kids surely act like the story didn't take long, maybe an afternoon's worth.

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My first full episode: I watched it. I didn't understand many of the references/inside jokes for some reason. I found the just-before-the-commercial-breaks quite sad most of the time. So my opinion doesn't count for much.
Yeah, they went for the emotional jerk-around and it sucked. To be honest, some of the inside jokes were very forgettable.

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The song Free Bird kind of comes to mind for me when it comes to Barney. As for Robin, the way it was told it sounds like she intentionally chose to excommunicate herself. It wasn't because she was busy or the gang were too busy and/or didn't want to keep in touch. She was intentionally avoiding them and her emotional baggage.
Not seeing your point on Barney, how he's really never going to grow? He's just destined to be a miserable, shallow letch the rest of his life with interludes of Robin and his baby where he'll temporarily become a better man?

Robin did explain how it hurt, but over time that should have softened, especially with Barney falling out of touch with the gang a little. Of course, the kids are familiar enough with "Aunt Robin" that they have been around her on numerous occasion, yet Ted somehow mourned the loss of her presence - it was thin. If she holds a grudge for decades, she is an unhealthy wreck anyway.

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I'm not going to run out and buy the complete series but I would be interested to see the alternate ending.


I might have to check out the fan-edited ending, too.
I was hoping the alternate ending would be something they shot with the kids so they had multiple avenues and the actors wouldn't give anything away, but it sounds like they just tweaked it in the edit.

The fan edit is very solid, I was surprised at how a little tweak could really make the same content work. Unfortunately, 20th Century Fox has taken it down from YouTube and Vimeo, so it's going to be difficult to find, but it's around 6 to 8 minutes, and it starts with Ted at the bar instead of in Chicago scene, has Lily telling Marshall she thinks this time is different for Ted and immediately cuts to shortened scenes from Ted and Tracy's future such as the halloween party with them together so it suggests Ted has found the one and I think removes the Robin suffering from that scene, and uses Future Ted's narration without the getting sick (it's still got a little finality in it because of the way it was written, but is left more vague) and then cuts back to Ted and Tracy meeting on the platform, then "and that's how I met your mother" along with the end title card and credits. It's much, much more hopeful and open-ended, and leaves out the Robin bit entirely, leaves out the Barney backslide, and just focuses on what's important. IMO, that edit also makes Ted feel like he's finally grown into a man at the end.