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    Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime II!

    I love this album. It needs a thread here at SSG having been released during the "off-season."

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    Queensryche Rocks!!!!!!

    Sweeet!!!!!! God I'm glad these forums are back!!!!
    Operation Mindcrime the original is a bueatiful piece of art!! I didn't know they were working on a second part!
    "I've had enough, and I want out!"
    "You can't walk away now...."
    Wanted; loose or sealed
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    Yes it's out! Last week Target was cheaper than Wal-Mart ($14) but Target was sold out and I had to have it. I think it came out last Tuesday or the Tuesday before that.

    It is so much worth it!

    The Ryche is coming to San Diego in October. The whole concert package is something like $400 or more but it is at Humphrey's By The Bay (on San Diego's waterfront in the main civilian port) and you stay in the same resort sweets that the band will be staying in and probably see them at the breakfast being served in the morning. Meanwhile, you're right on the bay and the evening starts with a $100 dinner for you and your girl, wine tasting, etc. overlooking the city lights on the harbor, then a full-on night of heavy metal revenge-violence (Mindcrime II, naturally), and afterwards you're free to go out on the town in the city. You can arrange a limo ride to and from the resort as well (but I question the wisdom of paying for that when I live like 10 minutes from there and won't be drinking before I get to Humphrey's, nor the morning after - and after the breakfast.)

    Tickets are available at and you can go for just the concert for as little as $50, too. The higher priced packages practically place you on stage with them of course. Pamela Moore is touring as Mary's ghost or something and sings on the album, as does Geoff Tate's wife?! Ronnie James Deo contributes too - though I don't know if he's going to tour with them.

    Humphrey's is a little larger than a night club setting, but it's not an arena where you need binoculars like in the old Mindcrime / Empire days.

    Tenatively, I'm taking Tiffany, an old high school girlfriend who used to enjoy these kinds of things with me. But I didn't confirm she had an invite yet, as I leave my options with ladies open. But I'm definitely going - and with someone I want to share the romantic waterfront with. Not every girl will appreciate death-frenzy metal (just kidding - it's not THAT intense - there are several tragic love ballads that Moore and Mrs. Tate sing duets with Geoff on) but the main gist of it is that Nikki has been released from custody, presumably it's been 18 years and he's been determined to have paid the price for his crimes and dismissed as mentally handicapped. Only now he's hell-bent on finding Dr. X and killing him for revenge over Mary and everything that happened to him and Dr. X is like Tom DeLay or Karl Rove or someone in the New World Order and The Ryche is suggestive of getting rid of Bush (not by name, but it's crystal clear to me anyway) - and doing so by any means necessary. Nikki's got his guns loaded and goes into action again "Breaking the Silence of the Night! - and the streets are screaming!"

    October actually (though such a long way off to me right now) seems like a perfect month for this sort of blood-bath theme, don't you think?

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    the Ryche in San Diego

    Ahhhh . . .San Diego. Wich of cause comes from the German word meaning . . .
    Wanted; loose or sealed
    Blue Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter (Not Anakin's), TRU Y-Wing, TRU Gold Leader X-Wing

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    Actually, it's funny, but 2 of the girls in my life that I'm attracted to the most are Mexican-German mixed hybrids, 3rd or 4th generation American though.

    That's great enough for the German connection to San Diego for me.

    Now Queensryche may have German-descended band members and their name sounds like "The Reich," but they are Seattle, Washington based. An American band, that's progressive and liberal enough for me (hardly fascist).

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    Well the concert is now only 17 days away!

    I've been talking to Ryche fans on MySpace who have seen the show.

    The band plays Operation Mindcrime I & II all in order - plus several more songs for an encore! Dude this is going to be awesome!

    A 3 hour show or longer for sure!

    I heard that Ronnie James Deo is singing his part (Dr. X) for the Los Angeles show, but unfortunately won't be down to San Diego. I wonder who will sing his lyrics?

    Anyway, everyone says the show is incredible and they play live as well as if they had the chance to remaster everything in a recording studio (true as I've seen them in concert for probably every local tour that came within an hour to 2 hours drive of me).

    Dang I can't wait! The ultimate ROCK event!
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    Wow, what a coicidence. Just the other day I broke out my old Mindcrime CD and played it in the car. I haven't listened to it since High School. I used to love this album. I haven't listened to the Ryche since that one album that came out after Empire. So, they did a sequel to Mindcrime? If it's as good as the first I'm definitely interested to hear it. What I liked about Mindcrime was its very political themes that were very anti-establishment and the idea of a narrative concept album about the socio-political underground and revolution. I hope the characters are all back... Mary and X, the man with cure. That was a brilliant album and after all these years it still holds up.

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    Just listened to this album and I have to say, Mindcrime it ain't! Tycho, you got me really excited to go back to the Ryche's roots only to be disappointed. Admittedly, I have not listened to the band since Promised Land (pretty much because my taste in music changed over the years) but listening to Geof Tate's vocals is like night and day. He definitely doesn't sound the same as he used to. This album lacks that cinematic narrative that the original OMC had and the foreboding dark conspiratorial overtones and gothicism that made Mindcrime I a masterpiece are non-existent. I'm offended they had the gaul to even label this Mindcrime II (obviously they were trying to appeal to old fans to help them sell another platinum album in name alone). If this was just another album from them then I would give it a fair to average ranking but hardly worthy of praise for a band that used to compose memorable tracks like Breaking the Silence, Eyes of a Stranger, and Suite Sister Mary. Oh well. Time to put my Mindcrime CD back in storage and maybe I'll dig it out when I'm feeling nostagic again in another 15 years.

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    I just got back from my mini-vacation for this show! It was incredible! The best show I ever saw!

    I nearly dropped $1,000 on this whole event and flew my high school girlfriend out to San Diego from Chicago for this one. We had a room in the resort overlooking the stage and I got to watch them play "Hands" and "If I Could Only Change" live twice - as Geoff and Pam performed that one together for their soundcheck and I was almost directly over the stage on my balcony for that!

    Tiffany and I stayed right on the waterfront and watched the lights from the boats at night. They had a little putting golf course and a huge pool and jacuzzi area. They had a computer lab at the place too, but my old girlfriend tied up the machine we got to use so she could finish her Master's Degree assignments she's doing so I wasn't able to log on here and post.

    But Queensryche played two perfect albums in their entirety. After Mindcrime and Mindcrime II, Empire and Jet City Woman were encores. I completely disagree with Dave about MCII! There's a lot to a story there, and all the characters Mary (as a ghost), Dr. X, and Nikki return - they had actors performing other parts (the Judge, the cops, the mental hopsital care providers, prostitutes, drug dealers, the lawyers - everything going on stage!) I even caught a $100 bill (fake of course) as Geoff emptied a suitcase full of money onto the audience as he couldn't be paid enough to walk away from murdering Dr. X in cold blood, for revenge for everything that happened to him in Mindcrime I.

    They had guns on stage and Dr. X coughed up a blood capsule as he was shot "execution style" through the back of the head as Nikki exacted his vengeance. He also shot all the doctors and his jailers at the institution, and went after his lawyers and the prosecutor. The stage was a bloodbath!

    You've got to be kidding me if you think Mindcrime II isn't worthy of its title!

    I wished I could follow the band around and watch this show again at least once more! This was not a rock concert! This was Queensryche Theater!

    They played every song from both Mindcrime I and II, and ran their whole theater act of it for both. It was so perfect!

    I even ran into my old friend Jennifer who I recognized in the after-show party that night. She used to live directly across the hall from me in college - not 3 feet from my door. Every guy on our floor had a crush on her, too! Hehe. So we're back in touch again. That all was amazing. Jennifer lent me her car to drive from San Diego nearly to LA when my father was taken in to the hospital just before he died and I would have missed seeing him and saying goodbye. I'd regretted losing touch with her. Funny thing is, she was the one that used to tell me to turn my Queensryche CDs down when they'd come blaring out of my speakers in my dorm room!
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    Tycho, I'm glad you had a great time. I don't doubt that the concert rocked, but the band just isn't what they used to be 15 years ago. Mindcrime II is NOTHING compared to the original. I've been playing it in my car again and it is a masterpiece of an album but the sequel is completely flacid. Don't believe me? Read the overwhelmingly negative reviews on Amazon:


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