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    Exclamation Anyone else noticed how the Clone trooper looks like a ...

    Cylon droid from Battlestar Galatica... ???

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    Yeah... that and a sad robot puppy... like Cyber Snoopy!!
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    THAT'S IT!!! I couldn't place it before, but I knew I recognized the Clone trooper. It has been a long time since I have seen Battlestar Galactica, but that is a striking similarity. I still think they look pretty cool, though.

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    Yep.They sure do look like the Cylon droid from Galatica Ovori.
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    Great! And I was hoping for something original. Well I guess the Clonetrooper is the first army builder.
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    And with the problems of the POTF2 Stormtrooper, pre-posed with a big gun that'll weigh it down.
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    Well, did you ever notice that the Cylons were a riff on the Stormtroopers? Maybe even a little Boba Fett too?

    Boba Fett had been designed by the time Battlestar Galactica was in production, and there was a lot of cross over with the design and FX crews.

    What comes around, goes around.

    I didn't think the Clonetroopers would be original at all. I always thought they would look like Stormtrooper prototypes. Becasue that's what would make sense for the story.
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    anyone remember the simpsons episode with mark hamil in it? it's the one that had the bi-mon-sci-fi-con where the robots form battlestar galactia beat up the g a y robots from star wars?

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    Stormtrooper 1977
    White uniform
    Stylized gas eye pieces
    And dropped breathing intakes by 2 circular caps

    Boba Fett 1980
    Mixed coloured unifrom
    T shape eye sight that leads down whole face

    Cylon 1981
    Chrome and rubber armour
    Linear eye sight with moving red dot
    Mouth intake leading to a trianglar shape upwards
    Creast on top of head

    Clone Trooper 2002
    Semi-shape T linear eye sight.
    Mouth intake outline moving to a trianglar point upwards
    Creast on top of head armour

    Looking at it I would say the Cylon were not meant to be Stroomtroopers...

    But I did expect Lucas to have came with something more original and closer to a Stormtrooper early version...

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    For historical accuracy...

    BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was in production in 1978...

    Boba Fett was designed around 1978-1979 :happy:
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