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    What's the deal with Scorch?!!!!!

    I didn't see a thread for this already so here I go!
    The issue is, how hard it is to find a Scorch figure on pegs! Sure I expected it when he was first relreased, but by now supply should be catching up with demand!
    Don't mistake this as a call for help, I already found one for myself and one for a friend. But, I still have other friends looking for one and most of us would like extras for customizing!
    Now I know for fact that Hasbro is waaaaaay shortpacking these guys! I walk into a Wal-mart recently and found 5 unopened boxes, brand new! Each one had two UGH figures but not one had any type of Scorch (UGH or regular)! They all had at least two "Hoth" Vaders and plenty of over used Anakin's. Plenty of Codys and Uatuapa Clones, but not one Scorch! C'mon Hasbro!
    Wanted; loose or sealed
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    Excellent question. This is coming from a guy that checks Target and WM 3-5 times a week. I have seen this figure only ONE time so far, which is the one that I picked up for myself. I'm so glad I didn't pass on it in hopes to find it in the future cause that ain't happenin'. I still have not found the UGH version and I fear that I never will. So far I'm pleased with the Saga line but the assortments could use a little help here and there.
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    I have found it about 5 separate times and the UGH one also.
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    I found Scorch only once, when I hit Target shortly after they opened last month and bought the only one on the pegs. I've never seen him again.

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    I have seen him twice ( or more correctly I saw two of him at the same store, only once)

    Bad thing is some TOOL decided to go and bend the backer cards for no apparent reason....

    Bought him anyway as a place holder in my set... hopefully one of these days I'll see a good one that I can replace him with...

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    The first time I saw the wave at Target and hit several stores to pick up all the clones I want I saw him a few times but that was the first week or so the Genosian wave hit. Since then nothing. Granted once I find what I need I stop looking so that doesn't mean he has shown up but definately far from being commonplace. I don't think Hasbro is going to make him or any other EU character a 2 per case figure but they will probably keep him in the mix a little longer if they made enough in the run. Who know maybe they will include him in Heroes and Villians wave 10.
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    I've seen Scorch exactly once and that was when I got him.

    Actually I saw two but they were both on the pegs at the same time.
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    I'll tell you what the deal with Scorch is. My roommate has been awesome about making sure I get figures. After he got off work one evening, he stopped into Wal Mart to grab some groceries and made sure to stop by the Star Wars aisle for me. His first clue that new figures had been put out was a guy walking out of the aisle with five or six Scorch figures and a look of satisfaction on his face that said his right hand would never quite do it for him after the pleasure of looting a city of all its Republic Commandos. Of course there were no more on the shelves.
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    I've seen Scorch 3 times. All three were on seperate days at my store. The first one gotr bought up, the second time I saw one, I bought it, and I saw a third one in a case in the backroom, but never have found him since, so I assume he was taken out to the sales floor and sold.
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    Scorch hit hard in my area within a span of about 3 weeks in the first assortment he shipped in. I easily saw this figure 30+ times in my travels but he dried up real fast. I rarely if ever saw the regular version after that and I've only seen the UGH Scorch twice, both of which I bought for myself and a friend.
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