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    Thumbs up Star Wars Asciimation

    Anyone spot this...

    Someone on MySpace just sent this link out and it's really cool. (No, it's not a stupid survey or lame quiz.) I'd never seen it before. Fun stuff.

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    I've never seen that before either but that's some awesome stuff PF!
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    That's pretty cool. It reminds me of the real early video games.
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    ...yeah, like Star Wars on an old Commodore computer.

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    I'd seen that before but last I saw they hadn't even made it to the Death Star yet (that part hadn't been made). It's friggin' awesome though that someone would take that time and effort to make something like that.
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    My God, that's a lot of work. Nice to give the creator this exposure.

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    Thats friggin sweet.
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    Awesome, every computer should have one.


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