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    Local TRU Stores have put VTSC of the shelves. The "Heros & Villains" collection is appearing at TRU and Wal-mart
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    Kannapolis walmart has the new unleashed in. i snagged a han and a shocktrooper. they are on the endcap in tray cases. the han is the nicest condition unleashed card i have ever seen. it is flawless. some were trashed though. so not a real breakthrough in shipping. i guess i got lucky. also concord tru had the new clonewars gunner ship . i passed on it at 44.95.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JON9000
    Local TRU Stores have put VTSC of the shelves. The "Heros & Villains" collection is appearing at TRU and Wal-mart
    I am assuming you are referring to the Cary TRU right? Last I heard the one on Glenwood was closed.
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    The Clayton WM had quite a few VTSC. Unfortunately, one of the Han's was missing his all important mailaway sticker. I pointed it out to the girl doing stock. She said she would show it to her manager.
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    concord tru is in way down here in charlotte (closest of all the sw stores near me, i've been pretty lucky there). there is an idiot that returned the vintage figures at the walmart university. hopefully he got blindsided like the jump to conclusions guy in office space when he was leaving. i still need a greedo and han, so i'll make sure i see they are untampered with before i buy them. good to see some new nc folks posting.

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    some guy bought the whole case of figs from kb at the concord mills mall today before they hit the pegs. also i saw the remenants of a ugh case. also saw the remenants of tatooine wave at wallmart university today. not to worry, they will be pegwarmers in about 2 more weeks.


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