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    The buyers' forum isn't working. SENATE PODS is the topic

    I'll make it simple:

    I'll pay about $3.00 per pod for up to 30 pods (that's $90 folks). It's also the going rate for these things on eBay as far as I can tell.

    Plus I'll pay shipping.

    I do not want your Yoda and Palpatine figures, for those of you amassing Shocktrooper armies. Just the pods please. That will leave your cost at $10 per shocktrooper, FYI.

    PM or post in this thread if you have a deal to offer.

    I still may opt to use styrofoam cereal bowls and silver spray paint. But let's see what we can do.

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    The Buyers Forum works...from a certain point of...whoops. I could not help it.

    Basically, if you click on Classifieds. it will show you all the threads.

    From there, you pick the one you want. That is how I have been revising my posts.
    Hope it helps. Thank you.
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    Actually the buyers forums has been down since the start of the SSG Auctions.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Well, it works but it is not as easy as it used to be.

    In fact, I posted an update to a couple of my posts today.

    Thank you.
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