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Thread: Ghost Rider

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    Ghost Rider

    The first trailers for Ghost Rider have hit (one US and one international).
    The international trailer has a footage that isn't in the US trailer.
    Even though GR looks pretty cool, the CG looks like it needs some cleaning up. It looks obviously CG.
    It's got Nicolas Cage so I'm not too excited. GR a middle-aged man? At least he's not Superman.
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    wow very interesting, this was one of my sons first favorite toys. He should be happy

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    The only CG I think looks iffy is GR himself, his skeleton (skull mainly); as seen towards the end of the trailer. Everything else looked pretty good to me. I don't mind Cage so much, a little old but oh well.

    Sam Elliot is a bada*s!!! I'm thrilled that he the Caretaker.
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    Nice shot of Eva Mendes.
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    I'm not a big Nick Cage fan, but the trailer actually looked good. I'll probably see this.

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    Yeah, the trailer definitely does look interesting.

    I too hate Nick Cage but for some reason I like nearly every movie he's in. I guess his agent just knows how to choose good films...
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    The trailer--in all seriousness--portrayed a flaming Skull Head driving a flaming mortorcycle up the wall of a building. . . . And I'll be damned if it didn't look kind of cool. It might be something to see afterall.
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    I could see this one going either way for me. It looks silly but I'm a sucker for Sam Elliot so we'll see. I didn't like The Hulk and he couldn't save that one, though.

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    Sam Elliot's a cool guy. I'd like to see him in a movie about Mouse Droids, alongside Chuck Norris.

    Maybe they'd be fighting to free all the Mouse Droids from plastic blister packs in Targets and Wal-Marts around the country!

    The movie would open with Chuck Norris on his bow-flex device strengthening his forearms so he could rip open Star Wars cardbacks and Sam Elliot meditating before a loose Mouse Droid with insense burning all around it.

    Then suddenly a SWAT Team van would crash through the glass door entryway to Target, and scalpers would dive to the floor for cover. Then Chuck and Sam would emerge and kick red-shirts (Target employees) left and right out of their way as they proceeded to move to the toy isle.

    Meanwhile the police would surround Target and a helicopter would be brought in. Chuck and Sam would rip up the lower shelving in the toy isles and discover POTJ figure cards stashed there since 2001 and then proceed to free the Mouse Droids which would come alive and follow them as they rampaged through the store.

    The Police would shoot tear gas into the building but Chuck and Sam would use dog harnesses from the pet department to affix Mouse Droids to their noses, thus rendering them unaffected from the tear gas.

    As the police moved in, Chuck and Sam would fight them into the sports section where Chuck would use his bow-flex arms to hurl women's mini-arobicize weights at them while Sam loaded a paintball gun and held them at bay. Meanwhile the Mouse Droids would proceed into a Delta attack pattern formation and trip the cops, thus allowing Chuck and Sam to escape Target and proceed on to repeat their assault on Wal-Mart.

    Meanwhile, a cool evasive scene with our heroes own SWAT van dodging the police helicopter would add gratuitous special effects to the film.

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    Tycho, I think Road House with Patrick Swayze is about as close as you'll get. And a fine picture it is.


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