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    Those Japanese "Mooks" on Action Figure Collecting...

    ...had BETTER be released in the States and in English!

    I LOVE the old Action Figure Archive book- it truly has almost every variant (they missed a few R5-D4's ), but these new updates should remedy that.

    With any luck, the 6 volume set will be brought to America as a compendium.

    On top of that, they should separate the figure releases in the books, IMHO- more like POTF 1995-2000 (through the COMMTech POTF figures), then the Prequel Carded figures (i.e. TPM Cards, AOTC Cards, Clone Wars Cards, then the ROTS Cards), then the POTJ/SAGA/OTC/VOTC, etc. in another volume. It'd be easy to find the figures you were after if they were separated by movie for the prequels, and easier to find classic figs by release.

    All they would then need is a master timeline so you could find out which figures were released and when.

    ...of course, no master compendium is possible until Hasbro stops releasing Star Wars figures all together (again), but this may never, ever happen...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warstar
    ...had BETTER be released in the States and in English!
    Not gonna happen. It'd be great, but it'll never happen. I've all sorts of Japanese toy books that I'd love to see in English, but they're not really making them for me, so...

    Just the pictures are worth it anyway.

    I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again... if you go to your local Japanese bookstore (if there's one near where you live) and you give them the ISBN (it's 4-89425-387-9[212020001] for vol. 1) they may be able to order this book for you. (Especially if it's available through Amazon Japan, and I think they both are.)

    I've found all sorts of magazine/books at local shops over the years. It shouldn't be a problem as long as the book is still in print and still available in Japan.

    Also, if you google the title, I think there's a few places here in the US that are selling vol. 1 right now.

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    This volume shows figures from 1995 to 1998.Will be released on May 31, 2006 by Hobby Japan

    Read more info at

    Can't wait to get this issue


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