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    Graphic Ads or Text Ads?

    Although we all would like no ads, they are necessary to keep the site going. I am getting ready to redesign the site so, I ask you... Are you more inclined to click on a graphical ad or a text ad (like you see on google). Let's discuss it...
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    I clicked Doesn't Matter because I think you've got a good combination of both with the graphic ads as well as the sponsor news links.

    I am more inclined to click on Avocado Smuggling Hulk ads, though.

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    I chose graphic ads. I'm not too inclined to read what the text is saying. As I'm typing this right now I can read the graphic ads in my peripherals because they're moving and catching my attention. The text ads tend to get lost in the background.
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    Dont matter to me Steve.
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    it's a caught between the devil and the deep blue sea thing really.

    I'll go with graphic adds because at least then it's more immediately obvious who to curse for the spyware that's just embedded itself in your hard drive. Though text ads do load faster and speed is something I need when viewing SSG. There again the graphic ads can look mighty purty....

    Ultimate vote is for a mix. purty graphics all flashing and blinking and text ads I can easily ignore.

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    Doesn't matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    I am more inclined to click on Avocado Smuggling Hulk ads, though.
    Ah, yes, The Incredible Bulge.

    Wasn't there also a samurai or something that JT pointed out after that? He was staring at our posts.
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    Well, stats have shown people become "ad blind" and really don't pay attention to the banner ads. Text ads have shown to do better as of lately.
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    will your advertisers be happy with text ads though? Gotta be some who want an all singing all dancing display. In which case would it end up being a mix anway?

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    If you surf with images off, as I often do, you don't even see the graphic ads.

    Personally, my vote will depend on whether Jennifer Connelley will be appearing in the ads. Rrroowwwr!!
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    doesn't matter to me

    nope, it sure doesn't!
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