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    R5 comes with a pop up motivator!

    Man, what a great figure. I love you Hasbro!!

    Maybe this is old news, but it's new to me.
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    i didn't realize that either. i don't know about anyone else but this is the figure i want most from the new wave!
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    We've been waiting for this one for SOOO long. I'm planning on getting 10 or so, all of which but two for custom paint jobs. The other two I'll keep one carded and open one up and use as a regular R5-D4.

    Since not much else except Hem Dazon is exciting for me to get in this wave, I'll still be saving money (with my buying habits) on this wave, even getting 10 of R5.
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    He looks great and I can't wait for him either.
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    Defintely a much wanted figure. He looks great the addition of the bad motivator is awesome. Hasbro is doing things up right.

    I still miss the missle launcher.
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    so I've heard....

    nice touch really. shame it took em so long to do though. (not a gripe just a comment) I could possibly be tempted to get a couple. I only really want to do one custom and that's the orange one that rolls past camera on the approach to the cantina. that and 'this red one' will suffice.

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    The way I see it we wont have to do any customizing. If we can just be patient Hasbro will do them for us. With that said, I'm still going to buy as many as I see.
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    But if they do something like the astomech multipacks I wouldn't bother with it. I've got no desire for Naboo royal starship droids or Coruscant background droids or rebel or Imperial droids. Just those from tatooine. Economically it's easier to buy a couple now for me. Or rather, get someone else to buy them for me. hehe.

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    This is pretty cool. I guess it shouldn't be too unexpected, since it has the body of the VOTC R2-D2, which had the pop-up sensorscope in the same place.

    Anyway, this figure looks awesome.
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    Nice job! It'll be a fun toy for those of us who open our figures.
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