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    Entertainment Earth Kir Kanos 2-pack

    According to Rebelscum, EE's latest catalog shows a $20 2-pack, with one of the figures being Kir Kanos and the other not yet known (but supposedly Carnor Jax).

    From the small pic on their site, it looks like a ROTS Royal Guard with a retooled cape to show his body armor. Meh. I don't even know these guys from EU so I'm not sure I'll get this.
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    I'll buy it. I like the EU stuff.
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    Meh, the Royal Guards are cool and I know I'll get this set, but it's not somethign I'm excited about. I don't remember the EU story all that much, but know there are several people who are KK/CJ fans.

    $20 though and that's NOT including shipping either. Everyone bend over...
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    Hopefully this'll quiet the damn EU people down now.

    I'm sure it's a nice set but whatever...

    PU on the EU.
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    Yay that it is officially official now. IS it too much to hope for a removeable helmet?

    itherwise the retooled cape/body was pretty much what I was expecting. To be honest when i got the royal guard originally, i looked at his under armor to see how it stcked up to the comic out of curiocities sake.
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    I know a lot of the EU stuff is kinda lame, but Crimson Empire was definitely an exception. We got to see Royal Guards in training (I especially liked the scene where Vader tested them).

    Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax were some great characters, and looked damn cool too. I'm sure they'll make awesome action figures, and I'm all over this set. Like Umbra said, hopefully they'll have removable helmets, or maybe interchangable heads/helmets - that would work fine for me. I'll probably get two sets actually.

    edit: I just found a decent sized pic over at Toy News International. It looks like the same sculpt as the red guard, but maybe different paint and cape? ...and of course he has that cool vibro-blade weapon that he had in the comics!

    Click here for the pic ----> Kir Kanos

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    Instead of this two pack, they should have made a Hermi Odle and Yarna two pack. Why not focus on the OT and PT? It has never made sense to me. Hermi and Yarna would sell more packs than this set. And besides, I am not sure who is going to win the poll, but if Hermi or Yarna doesn't win, I am going to wish this was a jabba's palace two pack.

    I agree with Slick. PU on the EU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umbra
    Yay that it is officially official now. IS it too much to hope for a removeable helmet?
    If you check out the for the catalog scan they show that the helmet IS removable .....
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    Sweet! He's got the scar that Vader gave him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reefer Shark
    Sweet! He's got the scar that Vader gave him.
    My sentiments exactly. Thanks Hasbro, i'll definitly pic up the set
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