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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    Regarding the 3.75" DC Infinite Heroes line, I know those were just prototypes shown, and in some cases hastily slapped together protos with no articulation whatsoever but I hope that the final products turn out sharper than what we see here. If the sculpts are decent and there's no glossiness, I'll buy tons of figures from this line.
    Looks to me like they rushed a bunch of untooled mock-ups to show at Toy Fair. they probably won't be as detailed as the larger line, but I'm betting the finished product will look quite a bit cooler than what they've already shown (if Mattel knows what's good for them.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    And your lame "Lou Reed Transformer" joke fell flat because nobody likes Lou Reed.
    That's where you're backwards. Everyone likes Lou Reed except you.

    It's the Little Willies' best song, yo.
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    Good God, the chicks in this 3 3/4 line are stacked more than any chick in a 90's image comic!

    That's the "BOT WTF DSL Supergirl."
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    Infinite Heroes

    Read some more details about the Infinite Heroes line in an interview with Mattel's Scott Neitlich:

    -- The figures will average 12 points of articulation.
    -- The line is collector oriented.
    -- First wave includes Shazam!, Adam Strange, Manhunter Robots, Gotham PD Members.
    -- There will be singles, 3 packs and 6 packs (the latter being TRU exclusives.)
    -- These will hit retail the first week of July.

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    DCUC wave 2 has been found up in Oregon (Target) so be on the lookout!

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    i was in Columbus, OH last night to see the Kids in the Hall and I spotted Firestorm (regular version) at a local Meijer store. They had none of the other wave 2 figures and when they did an item check, none of the other stores in the area had anything either. I hit a few stores on the way home and nothing.

    I'm almost kind of concerned as the stores in my area and even from what I saw in California and Columbus are overflowing with leftovers from wave 1. I think this'll make the wait longer for wave 2, but we can hope.
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    I live in CA and the line seems for the most part to sell through pretty quickly. I already have all of series 2 (except, oddly enough, for the regular version of Firestorm - scored the variant right along side all the others) a couple weeks before Easter. Most of the local retailers seem to be restocking and selling through regularly on the series 1 assortment; series 2 just seems to have not yet hit full force.

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    He looks pretty cool. I wouldnt have picked him for a figure but i will pick him up.
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    Cool! So does that make three figures along with Wonder Woman and Cyborg for the next announced assortment? Wonder why all the secrecy? I had expected them to show the rest of the year's offerings at Toy Fair, but we only got to see the two.

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    They're being secretive so that they can save everything for New York and San Diego comic con announcements.

    The gold accents are nicely done on Lightray but he's still not a character that really interests me and thus, not a figure I'd plop down $10 for.


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