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    I actually liked that card and packaging for JLU better than DCUC.

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    I hope we see more of these produced, as I think the heads on these make for some great custom fodder, and if they are saying the line is improving, well I will be interested.

    Now how many of you think that the figures before the ROTS are great sculpts and should not be updated (you may think strange question for here, but not really think about it - as Hasbro is still releasing these now adays - and at least the DC figures have got some good to great sculpts going on in the facial department and there in neutral poses with at least basic articulation, where the Star Wars figures dont even have the basic articulation - they have outdated articulation).

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    None of the figures I've seen in the DC line have good face sculpts, and that includes all the figs they had on display at Comic-Con. They looked around the quality of the early '98 POTF2 figs at best (not the late '98 figs which took a big upswing).
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    After this weekend I'm one figure away from completing Solomon Grundy - still haven't seen Sinestro, though I'm hopeful that I'll come across him this weekend. This assortment is awesome! Of course, it helps that it's filled with completely with some of my very favorite characters. Deathstroke is a real standout! I couldn't ask for a better figural representation of Mr. Slade Wilson, and I was amazed to find that he comes with not one, not two, but five accessories (counting his bandolier)! NIghtwing is my favorite overall, and is definitely the best ever figure of Batman's boy! The only things that I could think of to nitpick if I were so inclined would be that GLs power battery might have looked a little cooler if it were colored to match the green in his uniform (it's actually painted a bright green I suppose to indicate glowing) Deathstorke's gun is a bit soft and warps easily in the package (though honestly, how many accessories nowadays don't?) and Robin's collar is a bit thick, causing him to look a bit wide in the neck.
    Oh, and I almost forgot about Grundy! He's freaking huge! I'd say he probably comes up to Galactus' chest, and the sculpting is as awesome as you'd expect from the Four Horsemen! Now I only wish they would redo Darkseid and Mongul as Collect-and-Connect figures so we can get them closer to that size as well!

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    Still haven't seen Wave 2, though I've actually seen Wave 1 popping up again (at $2 more per figure). I'm coming to the conclusion that the distribution on this line sucks more than any of Mattel's previous distribution fiascos (MOTU and the previous DC heroes line).
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    I still have yet to see any Wave 3 DCUC and most of my Targets have grey dotted the pegs for weeks now. Since all I want is Hal, I don't mind waiting for the 2 pack with him and Abin Sur.

    I did find and buy the JLU Captain Atom and Galatea packs, though. Since I had made a custom of Cap Atom, I guess I'll rework it to something else. Maybe some punctures in the containment suit or else I could do an animated Dr. Manhattan?

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    Unexpectedly, I found the next wave of JLU packs at Target today so I came home with the Question and Fire/Ice.

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    DCUC wave 5 is already on ebay ! What happened to wave 4, guess I missed it !

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    This is such a weird line of toys. I love it... but I'm still seeing series one figures turn up at stores that didn't have them before. (I just picked up Etrigan a few days ago.) Seeing as how series five is a Walmart* exclusive wave, it's no big surprise that it turned up before series four.

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    I've still never seen DCUC wave 3 at retail!

    For the time being, I'm caught up on JLU releases as I found and bought the Apokolips set last Saturday.


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