On Friday, by sheer luck, I found 2 of the new Mattel DC Superheroes Superman figures. I picked up 1 and passed on the other due to paint issues. What's funny to me is that, while I've owned very few comics compared to most folks I know, the comic that this figure comes with is one I actually bought when it came out (and it's still a lie, no secrets are revealed that I can tell).

Superman is damn near the perfect Supes figure. The articulation is a little loose in a few areas, and more range out of the elbows and neck articulation would have been much appreciated, but they did so much with what they had. The first and foremost thing I wanted was a pair of decent flying poses: 2-armed and 1-armed. The figure pulls off the 1-armed so very well with his left side, the right looks like he's turning which is good but a bit specific, but that left side version is quite acceptable. The 2-armed version is good, the hips don't let the legs come together quite as much and without his torso turned his head isn't looking up as much, but it still is decent. Other poses are good and fine as well, I haven't even dreamed up what all this guy can really do. The sculpting is damn good, the face is mature without being old, serious without being constipated, concerned without being psychotic, and chisled without being cartoonish. The use of closed fists is the right touch, Supes doesn't hold much stuff, he hits stuff and flies and lifts stuff, so closed fists can do 2 out of 3 of those important poses. A rubbery, S-free cape wasn't my first choice but it looks good and dynamic without being insane, doesn't move much but does cover a lot of needs. The paint is admittedly the weakest point, it's just not even, one hip is brighter red than the rest of the red on the figure (both figures had that), and the S-shield logo could be crisper, and the hairline has a few border issues, but overall it's acceptable and that's fine by me.