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Say whatever you want, but you know this is going to be the greatest movie of the summer!!
The only thing I know is that you are literally the only person I know, on the internet or in person, who is even remotely this excited about the movie, much less its incredibly disappointing toyline. Why you have made this a battle between us and you, I do not know.

The toy line may be mediocre (in YOUR opinions) but I for one am enjoying the constant flow of Superman related items that are coming out..its like a dream come true.
In OUR opinions? Can you point us to anybody else who thinks this toyline is anything but crummy? I love Supes, I was jazzed to get the DCSH figure not too long ago, but I'd rather have 1 great Superman product than dozens of poor ones.

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No idea which Joker we're getting and WTF is Superman Mother Box?!?
My guess is the Joker from the previous iteration of this line, the Batman 6" line's Joker. Mother Box is a sentient, hyper-intelligent computer with special powers from Darkseid's Apokolips and its enemy world of New Genesis, at one point Superman teams up with a Mother Box to defeat Doomsday the second time around I believe.

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Same thing could be said about Star Wars and many of those figures.
And how many crappy Vader figures were released in the course of 1 month? Apples and Oranges.

A-F is reporting now that several retailers have been told by Mattel that their DCSH line is being pulled while they try to revise it. Good job Mattel, way to continue your string of failures via pitiful case assortments.