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well slap my a-- and call me Charlie: I spotted a psuedo new wave of SUPERMAN DC Superheroes! New packaging and such and all they had Superman/Bizarro..yipee. But, the new wave does include Steel and Parasite. Start hunting, kids!
Wow, interesting find, I hadn't heard about these. Steel looks good all around. Parasite is a toughy because he's a crappy-looking villain in general, very plain and generic, but makes for a decent opponent for Supes.

I fear Chux is right and Mattel is driving this line into the ground fast with all these re-releases in place of new figures.

Red Doomsday looks particularly awful! Mattel is proving they are not even worthy of being called pretenders to Toy Biz's Marvel Legends line.

Lava-reflection Doomsday, awesome call Basker!

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On a side note, anyone else hoping they'll surprise us with this line at Toy Fair and actually add some new characters? I'm dying to have a Four Horsemen designed Green Lantern (the John Stewart version would be cool as well), Hawkman, Flash, Captain Marvel, and Nightwing (although as a Bat character, he's probably already a lock for this line.) Not holding my breath, but I still pray about it every night.
I'm surprised they haven't revisited that underwhelming Nightwing from the progenitor to this line, the Batman 2pack version. As for new characters, don't count on it, Mattel confirmed early on that with DC farming out so many of the characters to various studios and projects, crossovers in this toy line are going to be almost non-existant, it's basically to be the Batman/Superman hour.