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I hate having to constantly buy figures I already own multiple times over just to get the new figures. It's led me to more or less give the line up in spite of my love for the license and the figures in general. I just can't justify buying another Superman only to throw him in the box with the half-dozen or so others I already own. It's really a shame because I understand the line is still doing fairly well (enough to extend it past the life of the series it's based on.) Imagine how much better they'd sell if fans weren't being forced into such a ludicrous buying pattern.
You could always give away some of the Superman figures. Or sell/trade them off to customizers. Personally speaking, i have a few ongoing projects with my extras - Supes from the "Legacy" episode of STAS, Supes with the Anti K suit, Supes from the "Brave New Metropolis" episode.

It's one of these situations where Mattel is trying to cover all bases - collectors and kids alike. Not many kids will know who Star Sapphire is and won't want a figure of her but they do know Superman and so his presence in a 3 pack might make them buy it even though they've no idea who the other two characters are.