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    Here's images of DC Universe Classics - Series III.

    The 5th figure is Deathstroke: The Terminator. No pics of him.

    As for the BAF, it's still unrevealed but supposedly it's Solomon Grundy.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Guess the BAF of Grundy is more than just a rumor.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Mmmm... nice stuff!!!

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    Aww yeah! Six of my most favorite characters in one handy assortment! That Nightwing looks wicked; way better than the last version Mattel has kept trying to force on us for the past couple years!
    Interesting that Hal's outfit (at least as shown here) is the classic Neal Adams version rather than the current design - maybe the chase figure will have that outfit? I'm definitely going to be needing both! They're surely not going to pass up the opportunity to give us the Sinestro Corps version of Sinestro either. As much as I love the classic depiction of Sinestro, I think I actually prefer the modern version. I could see them doing chase variants of both ring slingers.

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    Holy good God, Grundy looks awesome!

    The breakdown on these DC figures seems, so far, better than Hasbro's Marvel Legends (or the second half of ToyBiz's run on ML, for that matter). This is a cool BAF, made up of five cool figures. My least favorite in the bunch is Deathstroke, but I don't dislike him, and he's no "Who the hell is that?" not-quite Legend like X23.

    (Yeah, I know who X23 is now, but she's not a legend, and I had no clue who she was when I had to buy her to finish Apocalypse.)
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    Someone posted a scan from the same magazine that Grunday came from. Now you can see Deathstroke as well. I'm tempted by the Titans related characters. Can't wait to see the upcoming Beast Boy. Hopefully they'll make a Kid Devil.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    I only own 3 DCSH figures but Hal Jordan will make it 4!

    For those that collect the JLU animated figures, the Grodd set is starting to show up at Targets - I found mine last saturday. Plus the Mr. Miracle 3 pack with Darkseid and Orion is starting to show up, also at Targets.

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    Sinestro & GL look amazing, total winners there. Sinestro has a lantern accessory? Fantastic! And that assures us GL will too (their hand poses lock that in).

    Nightwing & Robin look ok, but way too beefy for my tastes, I'll likely pass.

    Grundy looks good, I kinda wanted him to be wider like the JLU version, but this works well for what it is.

    Deathstroke looks really good, they nailed that figure.
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    Nobody of wave 3 interests me, so i'll skip it.

    I also got a surprise in the mail today via the UPS: DC Universe wave 1!!!

    Pardon the poor picture quality. They look great on my phone, but here they look iffy; it's also due to my iffy monitor; either way, better than nothing. I'm hoping to have better pics posted soon as my bro is in town with his digital camera.

    The current pics don't do the sculpts justice as they're AMAZING. This could be one of my favorite Batman sculpts/figures I've ever had. Very VERY awesome!! This line is off to a VERY great start.
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    Reviews of the Penguin, Batman and Etrigan up at Michael Crawford's:

    Odd packaging, but I like it alot better than the DCSH packaging, especially the purple card version with the giant star on the bubble; it reminded me too much of Power Rangers.
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