Found the MM Batman figure at WM earlier in the week. I don't really care for the new movie's costume, but this is a decent figure of it. The Mattel QC on it wasn't so great though, I had to be picky about eye paint, and I got a defective hip on mine (at first I thought the peg was stuck and breaking, but it turned out it's just too loose). I don't really like the cape that much, but it fits with the DC Superheroes line - still, I don't see how it's worth $12, Hasbro Rewards check for my other purchases helped offset that at least. They should REALLY have included some batarangs with this figure, it screams for accessories.

I also picked up the Secret Attack Car or whatever it's called. It comes with 2 figures, Bruce and Bats, they're 4" figures and Mattel's got a good start but these are somewhat behind the times - especially the ultra-straight plain arms on Bruce. The vehicle is horribly overpriced at $26, I like the gimmick where it slides the wheels and fenders and bumpers out, but this is a $15 toy at most, it's small. There's 2 variations of it, one with dark gray metallic color and one silver, I went with the darker as it just seemed more bats. The cheap gold plastic inside doesn't look great but it's got a fun transformation and the cheesy slide-away Bruce figure. I don't like the goofy lighting-bolt headlights though, but the rest carries well. Oh, and there's one really weird choice, when the door sides fold down, there's a molded sculpt of Bats driving the car, it lines up with his head even but it's dumb, now he's less armored.

WTF is with this movie packaging? That's got to be the ugliest, most non-descript piece of design ever! What were they thinking with this theme, it seems so incomplete!